Talkin Texas Rangers
Talkin Texas Rangers

Episode 28 · 3 months ago

What Should the Rangers Do At the Trade Deadline in August


This week on the Talkin Texas Rangers Show:

  • Who's Hot, Who's Not in Week 10
  • Minor League Update
  • Father's Day Loss
  • 3 Players for the 2021 Rangers Failing Miserably With Their New Teams
  • What Should the Rangers Do at The Trade Deadline  



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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the talk in Texas Rangers podcast, where we dive into the latest rumors and news surrounding Texas Rangers Baseball. Welcome to the talking Texas Rangers podcast. I'm your host. release. Today we're diving into the latest news from around Global Life Field. But first we do not get the Gur sponsor game time for sponsoring this episode. Are you looking for the best place with Texas Rangers tickets? The best value, the best seats available, the greatest customer service ever? Then you want to check out game time. Check the amount today. Link will be in the description. So now let's get on with it. Shall We? Let's time in today. Today's I guess I should say Sunday's loss, not win. My bad, it takes a strangers scored three runs, but the Tigers scored seven runs. Losing the astrows...

...earlier in the week was disappointing, considering the Rangers had their chances to win that series, but it was at least understandable. Houston is still the zenith of this mountain that the Rangers are hipping the boulders hoard. However, tying the series with the tires after winning the first two games and with detroits suffering through a long losing skid, feels like a massive missed opportunity. That is what the Rangers will have to live with through as they drop the last two games of the series, including Sundays seven and twenty three defeat. However, we do have some good parts of the game. Player the game with Corey Seeger, who hit home run and reached the rice. Coming up for the rangers Tuesday they'll begin a series in arley ten against Philadelphia, with Martin Paris at the face off against Kyle Gibson. First Opener, first pitch. The opener is five PM on Tuesday. So go to game time and get those tickets today. And now for our mine really update. Whinston Santo's got the start for downeast and was terrific, allowing just one run in seven innings, four hits and three walks, striking up. Daniel Mateo was too for four, with a walking five so long basis. Alejandro a Souna had a hit with in a stolen base. Marcus Smith had two walks in a steel. For Hickory, Mason Engler went six innings allowing three runs on five hits, striking out eight, while not walking anyone. Deston Dotson through a scoreless inning. Luis Singel a COONA had a pair of hits. Chris SIS and Kaba Rodriguez each had a hit. Triver, however, and Evan Carter drew a walk. Mitch Carver, rehabing for Frisco, was two for four with a double. Justin foscue had a pair of doubles on a walk. Jonathan Ornis had a pair of hits. Playing Krim had a single in a double.

Dustin Harris had a hit. Spencer Howard went five innings for round rocks, striking out nine, not walking anyone in allowing one run on three hits. Jason Bear through to scoreless innings, Jonathan Hernandez through a scoreless inning. The Markets Evans allowed a pair of runs and an inning. Nick Solec at a single in a double. Josh Smith had a single on a walk and Bubba Thompson had a pair of hits. And now are week ten. WHO's hunt WHO's not report for the Texas Rangers had a good weekend on the road in Chicago. It's the white sox. With the rain behind him, Rangers were able to take out two the three games against the white sox to win the series. The Rangers might have played so well the even caused a rift between the south side the players and coaches on Monday. Then things turned south, though, when the Texas Rangers returned home to take on the Astros. The teams just won a singular game against the Astros, despite having a chance to take the series if not for our lag collapse in the second game. Apparently the rangers have to work on scouting Houston a bit better for the next time we play them. And so this is who made the list this week in the ten edition of the two thousand and twenty two Texas Rangers. We report first off Brad Miller. The highlight of the week is when Brad Miller was able to drive in a run against the Astros on Monday night. Astro shifted on over to anticipate where Miller usually hits the ball, and well, he had other plans. After the game, Brad Miller was interviewed by reporter Emily Jones, when he got surprised by a traditional Rangers postgame interview Gatorade Bath. He was confused since all he hit was a go ahead single. Such a good guy out of the team and in your clubhouse, Ezekiel Duran. Duran is hitting like he is planning on staying up here in Arlington for the remainder of the season. Over the last week, ran has eight hits, one...

...home run. For Our BIS has scored five runs. I hate to be Chris Young and Josh Daniels. When Josh Smith gets back later next week is are going to have to make some tough decisions to keep both rookies on the rest and Rangers at double a pitchers. Congratulations are in order for some of the rough riders top pitchers being promoted to triple A. Round Rock, Chaseley and Cole Reagan's are officially moving on up in one step closer to making the show. Don't be surprised if fans see one or both of those pitchers and Ranger Jersey this season next up. But then Kiel Lo those offense has really taken off over the course of this past week. During that time, low at ten hits two homers for Ourbis and scored five runs. He's not always consistent, but when he hits he's as good as anyone in this lamp. And sadly we have to dive into the WHO's not hot. Starting off, if it's not obvious, it's Chris Woodward. Once again. Woodward made a horrible management decision this season. In the final game against the Astros on Wednesday afternoon, but Glenn Otto still now due to covid he turned at Tyson Miller start. Things went downhill right out of the gate. Miller only lasted the first inning, since he gave up six runs in that frame. Why aren't start one of our other four starters, like Mark Perez, Matt More Brock Burke anyone else? What? He had other options. He could have started in placing Miller instead. The Astros hit the nitrous button left the Rangers in the dust. Next up, Corey Seeker. Seeger made a pretty boneated play in the field in standing turning a double play. He threw home and everyone was safe. The next banner spect to go ahead home running. The crowd won the game for the Astros. The Rangers would have the most likely gone on to win the game in the series had seekers simply turned the double play.

His defense is very concerning and he's not hitting enough to make it up for him. And next up the Rangers in field. I don't know where to start with their Infield, but over the last week I've seen tons of fielding ears that should be happening at a big league local. They didn't make sure that the balls in the glove before being a throw to any base. The last thing the rangers need is for those to happen during people games of the fall. It's there in a position to make the postseason. Let us know in the comment section below. Is there anybody up stick should be in the hot list or the WHO's not hot list? Let us know. It's always gives a thumbs up. If you like our video, hit that subscribe button, hit the Bell notication button. Be notified of future videos and of course they're upcoming matchup is June twenty one, twenty tewod against the Philadelphia Philly is at home. And now we're going to take a look at three players from two thousand and twenty one that failed miserably with other teams. No one blame you for wanting to put the two thousand and twenty one Texas Rangers completely in a Review Mirror. After that awful season spawn just sixty ranger wins, there wasn't much worth remembering about the team, especially not after an active trade deadline sell off the best remaining talent on the squad, including chip, Joey gellow, Kyle Gibson and Kennedy. Gibson, now in the phillies and Kennedy back with the diamondbacks, appeared to be doing well with the two thousand and twenty two teams, but the same can't be said for these rangers. Number One, the former Texas Ranger outfielder Joey gellow, is struggling with the Yankees. I mean big time. How many times have we heard that Galo would turn things around once he finally got adjusted in the Bronx and to the quote Little League ballpark he calls home. I don't know make a trie yet it's...

...been quite the slog for Gallo in two thousand and twenty two, because he's batting just one hundred and eighty four with a six and forty one no PS. He does have an eight home runs, though even that's below the all output. According to be acquired to be a difference maker in a powerful ink he's line up. It's been anything but that so far. We've always known gellow to be a three true outcomes player, but the extent to which he's regressed it's nothing short of shocking, especially considering Yankee stay team should be a paradise fer his bat big enought handed swing. The Rangers who easily won their trade with the Yankees, Ezekiel, Dorraine, Josh Smith and Glen Onto, have found varying degrees of big league success. It's a heist, if you will, and number two is forgotten piece of the Joey gallow trade. Former in Texas Rangers Reliever Jollie Rodriguez is struggling with the mets after putting it at too hundred and Thirteen Ara and twelve games for the Texas Rangers in two thousand and twenty Driguez entered two thousand and twenty one is the team set up man for former closer he and Kennedy. He struggled in that capacity, posting a five point nine three Ar a thirty one games for the Rangers in two thousand and twenty one, and yet he managed to tag along with Joey gallow to the Yankees last summer. Rodriguez bounced back with New York with a two hundred and eighty four here down the stretch, but after being traded to the crosstown rival mets this past winner, he reverted back to a struggling ways the south ball. Has a five pot one four ear a this year. Rangers probably wouldn't have much use for a guy like Rodriguez in two thousand and twenty two, and definitely not what the numbers he has to this point. But the fact that Texas was able to shed him last season in that gallow trade is nothing short of mastery. And of course, at number three, former Chexas Sur Rangers Starter Jordan Lyles is struggling with the Orioles for picture. With a... five point two ear A. Jordan miles shore does know how to get around. The Orioles are Jordan. LYLES seventh MLB team and, besides, a good ton stant with the Milwaukee brewers. In two thousand and nineteen he just isn't good. Two Thousand and twenty two, Lyles has a five point ten EARA and thirteen starts for those which is downright bad. Last season for the Rangers he has a similar five hundred and fifteen eara and, even worse, seven two year a during the shorten two thousand and twenty season with Texas. The Orioles, of course, aren't a great team in are behind Rangers in terms of building back to contention, so wiles makes sense for Baltimore at this stage. On the contrary, Texas actually has some intriguing rotation pieces, like Martin Perez being dunning in Glenn Auto. John Gray is able to find this voting after early injuries and inconsistency. In Two thousand and twenty two. He too is an upgrade over a lyles. And now we're going to take a look at our main topic, which it takes this rangers do at the Trade Deadline August? The answer to this question a little more complicated this year than it was in two thousand and twenty one. With an additional playoff spot each league this season, the field has opened up a good amount, especially with so few dominant teams a lot of middling ones. That is kept Texas squarely in the mix to this point, impressive considering we'd probably do in their season me over at this point last year. Also, unlike two thousand and twenty one, there is no Joey Gal of a trade at this summer stat line for Zeepiel, Duran, Josh Smith driver, however, and Glenato or Kyle Gibson and Ian Kennedy of Philly for Spencer Hour. To other pitchers, there is a cold count whun no and some sparable pen parts. I suppose. Notice I'm not including a smartin Perez. That's because the rangers should probably keep them if they want to stay afloat. So what should the Rangers do at the Trade Blaton Line this August? Second well, let's break it down.

The case to buy, as mentioned above previously, the Rangers find themselves firmly in the mix for one. Of the Al Wild cards are mid June, and that's not nothing. Whether they say there's another question there's no doubt Texas has been playing better baseball lately. Since they're sluggish start. The Rangers are going to buy, though they should only target controllable assets. We're talking about Louis because still o the reds, Frankie Montez or the a's, for example. Getting Castillo or Montes would be expensive, but the Rangers have a very deep collection of minor league talent, making a deal possible, and inserting one of those names into a rotation behind Perez and dunning in Glen onto pitching well enough. That could keep things interesting for Texas down the straight. Of course, there's also the case to be made for selling. Quite simply, the case for the Texas Rangers that Sell List August isn't yearly as compelling, as compelling as it was last year one, let's be really was the only legitimate option for the organization during the rebuild. But let's remember that this is still a rebuild to an extent, as the stated gold return to contention is two thousand and twenty three. However, the case to sell only makes sense if Texas were to really fall off around the all star break, in with a talent on their rest roster and that's unlikely. This is a team capable of playing roughly if hundred baseball. Let's say a doomsday scenario occurs, though, and the Rangers fall off their current pace drastically. Who could they sell? Called Calhoun, perhaps? Bret Martin, John King, Dennis Santana, Spencer Pat and Joe Barlow? The Assa Cupboard is pretty bare. So the best the rangers could receive some low level talent and exchange for what, they'd be willing to shut the ship off to other teams and with fforementioned depth, are already in the organization. Combined with a pace to finish around five hundred, selling seems pointless. Now leaves it's with one other option the case to...

...stay in Pat. This is likely the best course of action for the Texas Rangers at this summer, straight inline any improvements made to the roster, particularly major ones, such as because Stillo and Montez, will cost a pretty penny into a farm that's taking years to build up. Daniels and Chris Young should have should save their prospects for someone more lucrative, like the most different metals and last offseason. On the flip side, selling comes with next to no benefit either. The Rangers could still find themselves in the mix for one of the l playoffs spots later in the summer, and selling would only derail a chase in for marginal assets. At best, Texas should remain where they are. Yeah, it won't be exciting in late fall. They've taken a step forward as compared to twenty one, two thousand and twenty one, but they're not ready for the playoffs just yet. This is exactly what we thought the two thousand and twenty two rangers Rangers would look like, and it's best just keep things as they are, all gearing up for next season. Let us know in the comment section below what do you think the Rangers should do at the trade deadline and, as always, subscribe to the podcast at all meetr podcast platforms and good in good pots, and, of course, subscribe to our Youtube Channel. If you want to support the channel, you can buy us a company and buy me a COFFEECOM TT rangers. Your support helps the channel and grow up great our equipment, bringing new hosts, pay them and just make our content one percent better. Thank you so much for watching in listening. We'll see you next time. This has been the talk in Texas Rangers podcast. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered by tweeting us at talking tx Rangers or liking us on facebook at facebookcom forward slash talking Texas Rangers. As always, thank you for listening and go rangers.

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