Talkin Texas Rangers
Talkin Texas Rangers

Episode 25 · 3 months ago

The Texas Rangers Getting Back to Relevancy


This past week had some serious ups and downs for the Texas Rangers, so today we are diving into those issues including:

  • Martin Perez continues to shine for the Texas Rangers
  • The Rangers fail to pull off the sweep against the Oakland A's
  • Week 7: Who's Hot, Who's Not
  • The Rangers Are Getting Back to Relevancy. 



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Your books are great for when you're alone, and should maybe stop with the Youtube right now. But I ask you this one question. Do you want a free audio book of your choice, then go to audible, traildcom. Larry Twenty one. And now on to our first topic. En Perez is Mo on one hell of a hot streak. Martin Perez pitched get another gym for the Texas Rangers on Thursday for his two hunt. The career start as you work through Oakens Oakland's lineup, but he's going seven inks and allowing only one run. It's been a career year for Prez thus far. Is this Earra is now one point six, which ranks second in the MLP,...

...behind only Justin Berliner. That's number two out of the entire league. To go with this impressive ear a, Perez is also second in the MLB quality starts, with seven in his ranked six and pitching war working with this two different fastballs, throwing strikes and it executing pitches, as Perez looking like a completely different picture than the League has become accustomed to over his what is now eleven year career, as Perez continues to terminate in a way we haven't seen before. He is, however, still flying under the national recognition radars. Excellent pictures on losing teams often do, especially those that pitch by execution, like Perez does, rather than relying on flashy stuff to get by. Although espns the world likely will not speak much on Perez is stellar performances this year, he's quickly becoming a household name that Rangers rotation. He has been nothing short of phenomenal on the Mount and he is spear ending a pitching staff that...

...looks as if they turn things around and a huge way from their lack luster start of the season. Not only is he pitching phenomenal, he's also setting a good example, as Martin, for his depth to the mountain dawning. For I can apologize. I can never say the city right ain't but for you've Aldi on his captain Thursday's game and honor the victims of the tragic shooting which occurred earlier in the week. In the aftermath of his masterful two hundred the career start, Perez stated it's hard to believe what happened there. I have kids too. It's really bad what happened to those kids. We feel that because we all have family. Every time I went out there I said this for the city. They have to stop this and cannot continue to happen. Surely a meaningful moment for him to pay tribute to the fallen and to shift focus to the things that are far more impertinent and baseball. However, this isn't the first time he has dedicated an amazing start to a good cause,... earlier this month he dedicated a complete game, shut out victory to Rangers third base coach Tony Beasley, giving him the game ball. Perez shut the spotlight, as he often seems to do, to highlight things he deems more important. Beasily, a cancer survivor, is a valued part of the rangers and the Rangers culture as a whole, as he's left his inspirational mark on the team through his triumphant story of his fight against cancer. Both Perez and Joey gallow have made tributes to Beasley, touting how important of human he is. Perez was brought in to be a veteran presence in an innings eater for a young staff that was supposed to be in a developmental year, but he has been leading the way by setting the example of how to not only execute a strong pitching performance but to be of high moral character as well. While we cannot see what the future holds, whether that be an all star appearance or awards consideration to any year, we can see the performances that he has continue to put on throughout his impressive streak and root for him to continue it, as it's been a long time that a Texas Rangers pitcher was disimpressive.

So let the big media outlet's remain quiet on for us, but we certainly notice him here in Texas, as we have something special here and we're looking forward to more impressive outings to come. And now on to a Saturn note. The rangers failed to sweet the A's. The Rangers scored five runs, but the athletics scored six. The rangers and a is played the game like each player had been given a secret directed by a board millionaire personally try to sabotage their team and lose evidence. Now here we go. The Rangers allowed fourteen hits, walk six and committed five airs, among a slew of other defensive blunders that allowed Oakland to whittle down their for no early lead, despite the a's nearly refusing to do so at every turn. Oakland meanwhile trying... bunt in runs to give away outs and kill Rallius like eighty seven times on Sunday, and even allowed the tying run at the top of the ninth on a wild pitch after they had taken a reluctant lead. In the end, the Rangers, thrilled a rich guy, lost a truly truly miserable game. The defeat ruined Texas as chances at a season high winning streak, winning road trip, a sweep and five hunder discipline him in again. Is there a player in the game? Not Really, but looking forward, the Rangers head back home, where they're there beginning a series against the rays. Glenn Otto won't make the start for the Texas in the opener against drew rastmans and for Tampa Bay. Monday nights pitch is scheduled for five PM Central Time. And now on to our weekly report. WHO's hot WHO's not? This week...

...that Rangers one on a mini divisional road trip and rain in some issues. The first stop was down south against the in state rival Houston Astros, where they lost three games. As a Rangers game, you just Wann't burn the tapes from that series, except for the Martin Perrenz. Complete Games, shutout and move on with the season. Then the rangers went out to the West Coast and split the two game mini serious against the angels. On the final game against angels on Wednesday night, Cole Calhoun went off against his former team, hitting a to run home, running and driving in another run later in the game to help the Rangers to a seven in two victory. Find out who made the Texas Rangers Weekly Report Right now. So first, who's hot? We Got Glenn Otto. Glenn Otto showed up in a big way on Wednesday night against the angels. In five innings he only allowed one her run struck out seven. Did I mention he struck out Mike Trout and show hey...

...with tonny twice. The Rangers needed a picture to show up in a big way to avoid getting swept twice in a row, and Otto did just that. Next Up, Cole Calhoun. Is a new nickname should be the angel slayer. As I previously mentioned, his offense was one of the reasons why the Rangers avoided two straight sweeps this past week. Up next the Frisco rough riders. The rough riders had to play two games on Wednesday night since Tuesday's game was rained down. The final game Wednesday night, they gave the crowd some fireworks. The rough riders hit three home runs to give them a six one victory over the Sant Antonio Missions. And then Sam Huff. It was mentioned on twitter by Dallas Sports Fanatic Rangers writer Alex plink. That is Wednesday night same huff has recorded a hit thirteen straight games that he has started since being called up from around rock. And then how can we not include Martin...

Perez? Brez put on a pitching performance against asherows by giving the rangers their first complete games shut out of the season. Pres only allowed eight hits and struck out five and nine innings of work and, like we've previously mentioned, Perez even gave the game bold Rangers Third Base Coach Tony Beasily after the game. Unfortunately, we gotta take a look at the WHO's not right now. First Up, Mike Drought. Clearly, the Rangers were able to strike him out for ten times, four times on Wednesday night, making that the eighth time in his career that's happened to him. I'll probably look back at highlights, learn from when he did wrong the play and continue as season in. Now danne donning. While donning struck out eight batterers against the angels on Tuesday, you can't overlook the five runs he gave up in six INEKS. That was a winning game on Tuesday night and if you pitched just a tad better,...

I think the Rangers could have won that game and would have gone on this week the angels. Let us know your thoughts in the common section below. Should there be somebody we included on WHO's hot and WHO's not list? Let us know. Is there somebody we included that shouldn't be included? With a common in the common second below. And now on to our next topic, the Texas Rangers are getting back to relevance. The two thousand and twenty two season is still young, so there's still much left to learn about the rangers team. But if one thing is coming to focus, recently, set on field improvement become tangible for this club. With an eight and five win over the Oakland a Friday night at the Coloseum, the Rangers secured their first winning month since June two thousand and nineteen. That was Chris woodwards first season as a skipper. So yeah, that's quite a long while. Texas is fourteen and nine in May, so the worst they could finish is for and... thirteen, and they have to lose out the rest of the month for that to occur. But the way they've been playing lately, that seems hard to believe, especially with two games remaining. Texas Rangers are guaranteed a winning month in May two thousand and twenty two, their first since two thousand and nineteen. Like we mentioned, over this winning month we've seen the rangers climb back to lands by putting themselves just three point five games out of an AL playoff spot heading into Memorial Day, which is far more than what we were saying about the team at the same time, least see. We can't talk about playoffs, though, unless we talk about five hundred, which still alludes the team by two games. Once they cross that threshold, perhaps we can start viewing playoff talk with more seriousness. The dree back to relevance is a long one. In no team seems to exemplify that more than the Texas Rangers, who haven't had a winning season for playoff appearance or playoff appearance since two thousand and sixteen, or even a winning month since two thousand and nineteen.

Has I previously mentioned, but now the patients and the process my finally start to be paying dividends. Marcus Simeon is heating up. Sam huff and Jonahim have become electric as a catching duo. Cold Calhoun has provided offense. Mark Perez is pitching like a SI young Kennidate. Perhaps most importantly, the rangers are playing together like a team that's motivated to win. Their resilient and are approaching each game there a right way. Make no mistake, this team is still flowed, but they're making progress. US Let us know your thoughts on the comment section will on the topics we covered. Is there something we should have covered in as always, if you want to support the show, hit them like buttons subscribe to the Channel in follow us on twitter top here talking Texas Rangers. Thank you so much for watching and listening. We will see you next time. This has been the talk in Texas Rangers podcast. Let... know your thoughts on the topics we covered by tweeting us at talking tx Rangers or liking us on facebook at facebookcom forward slash talking Texas Rangers. As always, thank you for listening and go rangers.

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