Talkin Texas Rangers
Talkin Texas Rangers

Episode 26 · 3 months ago

The Texas Rangers Are In The Playoff Hunt Entering June


On Tuesday, the Texas Rangers played the Tampa Bay Rays at Globe Life Field in the final game of May, capping off a 17-10 month of May, their winningest month since 2019.

The Rangers defeated Tampa 3-0 in that game. With the win, the Rangers improved to 24-24 and got to .500 for the first time this season. The win also improved the Rangers’ odds at securing one of the three wild card spots in the AL, as they got within two games. Now, they enter the month of June in as good of a position as they’ve been in some time.

Texas, which started this season absolutely slow, is now starting to turn the corner as they are playing good baseball. Many people predicted the Rangers to finish near the bottom of baseball once again this season, albeit improved, and the sluggish start only reaffirmed those suspicions. Now, though? They’re flirting with a playoff spot! But can they sustain this current streak of success? 



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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the talk in Texas Rangers podcast, where we dive into the latest rumors and news surrounding Texas Rangers Baseball. Hallo and welcome to the... in Texas Rangers podcast. I'm your host, tery least today we're a diamond to the late ten lines from around globe black field. But first I can our sponsor, game time. You're looking at the best place to boxs rangers tickets or down it's camoys ticket or any sporting even tickets you want to check out game time. Game Time is where I get mine tickets, even at last minute, for great prices and if you want to great customer service, check out game time, game time and shows. You have the tickets you ordered by the time you reach global life fields gates. I've never had an issue with any of those ticket with game time and any time I'm about my tickets, subject them out. Today. The link is in the description. If you use that link you can now actually help support the show financially when you find it those tickets through that link. But now let's dive into...'s first topic. And of course we got to offer up our who's hot WHO's not? This was an action packed week for one Texas Rangers prospect who got called up dude injuries. Josh Smith was the main MVP, getting called up from a rock and the beginning of the homestand against the Tampa Bay race and Huff also created a highlight for himself by smacking four hundred thirty five foot home run honesday night. That ball traveled so fast that they started playing the natural before the ball went over the wall. Nobody. The Rangers were able to take three or four out of four games. Noakland against athletics return it before returning home Monday to start their homestand by spinning a four game series with the Tampa Bay rays. So let's start off with the main of the week, Josh Smith. emboy did he make things interesting for the Rangers. It only took three pages fromm to get his first ever big Le Hit. Monday against the race. He continued making milestones by getting his first ever stolen base... the big leagues and Tuesday's game, and his wife was leving every minute of it. The reason why I say he makes things that's interesting is Josh Jong also plays third base. The Rangers want to keep waiting for jungking to be fully healthy, or do they may be trade in the bonus? It's a decision that's creeping up on the Rangers and Josh's Smith performance this week is going to make it hard. Next up, Eli White. I got to talk about the guy that tried to steal a spot my way from Josh Smith. Eli White made everybody's job dropped to the ground when he stole a home run away from the race. Gon Ono probably gave him some money for dinner afterward for saving his behind. That was a Jake Odin Jur approved runbre to keep it scoreless in the first any yeah, it was Dallas Stars and white then follow up his robbery with a two run moonshot to dead center. It was Eli White and Josh Smith Show in arly ten, and then next up...

...we got some great pictures. We got to acknowledge Jack later, John Gray and Martin Perez. These three just had a flat, I'll get weak pitching. Two of them combined for Twenty Strike House this week. Ate for later and five intings and twelve for gray and seventy knees. Martin Perez also had a good outing. That basically semitted picture in the month from May, if the voters aren't stupid when casting their balance. Overall, was a great week of pitching all around for the Texas Rangers. But sadly we gotta go to WHO's not hot. I know you don't want to address that, but you got to talk about it. So this time we got Zach Rex. I could add Marcus Simeon on here as well, but he horn in the final game in the race season. Rex is the only one who deserves to be on the list this week for what he did Wednesday night. So here was the scenario. Bottom of the ten. Basis were loaded, two outs.

The pitcher kept trying to get rex to swing it outside pitches when it was two and on the count. Rex Bit on the third pitch and popped out end the inning. He has that better played, disappoint so as he could have won the game if he won that pitch instead of being super aggressive down and hitters count. So the Rangers current schedule Right now is it away game from June six to the eighth against the Cleveland Guardians. And now let us know, in the common sectional, of course. Is there anybody we missed that should be on the hot list or anybody on the WHO's not hot list that you think should be on there? And with these great performances over the past week, we're gonna look at three Rangers who have increased through tree bout since made the Texas Rangers have been playing a better braind of baseball. We've entered a month in June and team hovers round five hundred, which is more than could have been said about the Rangers at this point at last season.

In Texas keep playing at this level the rest of the way, they certainly can give in our talent level, playing roughly under ball isn't going to make a postseason contender, though the American League hesitan exactly been a juggernaut either. The New York Yankees still counting on the range rangers to make it serious play in October baseball as a fools errand all likelihood, should the rangers continue with their current pace, their best bet is staying pat at the trade deadline the summer. But in the event things go south, here are a few veterans that can make for attractive bait and negotiations. Number One, Colcalehoun. It's funny how quick things change even during a season. At one point called Calhoun was struggling. Miley Rangers fans were calling for his release. Is A team struggled to get much of anything going. Now, though, he's the team's hottest theater, with US seve hundred and ninety nine ops and seven home runs and a hundred forty three at bats this season. Considering where he was not long ago, will happily take Calhoun's production and hope that he can containian to...

...hit at or near this clip come to rent rest of June and July. If he does and the Rangers fall off, it would make him a prime candidate on his cheap one year deal. And now on to number two. Martin Prez. His era stands at one ndred sixty at the time of this episode, which leads not only the American league but all of Major League Baseball. Martin Prince has been a lake for the Texas Rangers and twenty twenty two, he's a near lock to make the Allstar team representing the Rangers and Emily this summer. Perez is get another veteran whom the Texas Rangers have managed to resurrect it later in his career, and with his similarly cheap one year deal for two thousand and twenty two, you can also become attractive trade bait should the team falls south in the summer months. And finally, number three is Mitch Garver, with the Texas rangers straight away of backstop the requireds past February,... who is known for his bat. There's no reason why they couldn't. While Mitch Garverer has been heating up his last fifteen games with five home runs a six hundred forty nine slugging percentage, the emergences, emergences of Joonahim and Sam Huf during the month of May made it difficult to give garber starts behind the dish him and Huff, a younger than Garber, and are also view to catch it for the Texas Rangers, which makes it hard to believe the ladder is here for much longer. Even if that wasn't a scenario that was obvious at the beginning of this season. Garber is known for his offense, has mentioned above. In a continding team in need of a bat first, backstop could find the thirty one year old appealing as a trade target come August. Second, if he keeps hitting at his current rate, the Rangers may not even have to fall out of the playoff race to Dean garber or the being traded this summer. Some of the common section below. Who Do you think should be would be traded this go around? Let us know in the in section below and, as always, hit that leg button. If... like our video, subscribe to the channel for more Texas Rangers content and hit the bill notification button to be notified of future episodes. And with that we go on to our next topic. The Rangers are in the playoff hunt as June begins. Tuesday. Last Tuesday, the Texas Rangers planned played the TAP favoris at global life, feeling that the final game of May, capping off a seventeen ten month of May. They're winningess month says. Two Thousand and nineteen hinders defeated Tampa three and on that game with the Rangers are with the wind. The Rangers improved the twenty four twenty four and got the five hundred for the first time this season. The wind also improve the Rangers odds. It's carrying one of the three wild card spots in the AL as, they got within two games. Now they enter the month in June and as good of a position as they've been in some time. Texas, which started the season started this season absolutely slow, is now starting to turn the corner,... they are playing good baseball. Many people predicted the rangers to finish near the bottom of baseball once again this season. I'll be it improved in the slow you start, only or reaffirm those suspicions. Now, though, they're flirting with the playoff spot. It remains to be seen if the Rangers can sustain the success into the summer, but it's at least incurring that the team fund themselves right in the thick of it in June, which is more than they could say last year. Players like Martin Perez, Cold Calhoun, same huff and others have stepped up, giving the Rangers of boost. Their positive run differential is a sign of good baseball being played, but despite the improved play, the odds still go against Texas making a playoffs. The keys not to be dismayed, remember the rangers are still in a rebuilding process. Still you can see this team making real progress at the big league level, while having plenty of young prospects in our farm system that will come up soon. We're still relatively early in the season, but the fact that the Rangers...

...are at five hundred begin the month of June it's making the rest of the season worth keeping an eye on, especially as they've done so against one of the hardest schedules and baseball to this point. We're not saying this team is playoff bound by any stretch, but conscious optimism as we've entered the summer baseball months allow it, and as we now we'd like to dive into our next topic. The Rangers looking at a certain high school shorts out for the two thousand and twenty two draft. High School talent reign supreme at the top of the two thousand and twenty two M will be draft and a draft. It's already filled with tons of high school talent with famous fathers. Another possible fan selection has emerged for the Texas Rangers and it's none other than the sun former seven time I'll star left fielder meant holiday. Who All be it is a sort of a foat arrangers fans, as he was on the two thousand and eleven world series of champions, saying Louis Cardinals. Jackson. Holiday, however, unlike is ut field or den is, a short stop out of still water, Oklahoma, and has generated massive buzz recently. He put up six...

...hundred and eighty five bang average, seventeen hommers, thirty stolen bases and drove in seventy nine runs in just forty games this season. What's supremely high MLB pedigree. Holiday didn't take long fixed issues that were playing him last summer, as he was allowing his swing to get too long and was focusing too much on hitting the long ball. But the noted and prove us in the impressive stat lines, and nobody is doing outing Jackson anymore. Holiday has shot up draft boards, as he was ranked at the number three draft product mlbcom and has been mocked as high as the first overall selection to the orioles. He's also proocked to the Rangers by the athletics. Keep the law, as you can see over at the athletic with holidays starting up, the boards and other big names like drew Jones, Elijah Green, tomorrow Jackson Johnson, excuse me, all having the possibly of being there at three as well. It'll be...

...hard for the Texas Rangers to make a bad decision, as all these guys have strong MLB profiles. So, whoever the selection is at pick number three, be sure to keep your eyes open, Rangers fans, as the draft is right around the corner. You'll likely be seeing one of these high school and arms listed in the many text rangers top prospects of this shortly after being drafted, as are in prime position to draft someone with huge potential. Let us know in the common section below. Who Do you think the Rangers need a draft in the upcoming draft? Is there a certain player that we should be watching, someone we worth mentioning? Let us know. The comment section will op as always. If you have a comment for the show, you can. If you want to contact the show, you can find us on twitter at talking tx Rangers. Send your thoughts on the show and, of course, if you want to support the show, you can buy as coffee and buy me a COFFEECOM SLASH TT rangers. That's buy me a COFFEECOM SLASH TT rangers. As always, thank you so much for watching and listening.

We will see next time. This has been the talk in Texas Rangers podcast. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered by tweeting us at talking tx Rangers or liking us on facebook at facebookcom forward slash talking Texas Rangers. As always, thank you for listening and go rangers.

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