Talkin Texas Rangers
Talkin Texas Rangers

Episode 30 · 2 months ago

State of the 40 Man Roster — Midseason 2022


This week on the Talkin Texas Rangers Show:

  • 3 Prospects The Rangers Should Aim For as Trade Targets
  • Texas Rangers Week 12 Report
  • Bold July Prediction for Rangers
  • The Best All-Star Game Performances
  • The State of the 40 Man Roster - Midseason 



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We all have a link in the description that you can use and help support the channel. And now to our first topic. Three prospects that the Texas Rangers should aim for as trade targets. The Texas Rangers around the precipice of one of the most important trade deadlines in recent years, Texas has already signaled for their exit of a rebuild entrance into competitive status through their recent signings and success and prospects. Following a D to last season, there was the nation of the worst stretch and franchise history. The Rangers are eager to improve. They'll be looking at controllable, high end players to round out the team. The complication comes from there showing to maximize the value and trade, which reduces the likelihood of a star prospect that would cost them a hall. So in the following Rangers Game Plan you'll want to look for former top prospects who are currently blocked or had their value diminished in recent days, such as Spencer Howard. So, starting off at Number One, we have Alec Burrelson from St Louis, the cardinals. Number nine prospects should be in the near the top of the list of targets for the Rangers. Second Round selection of East Carolina had immediate success in eight plus in middle a before struggling in his promotion to triple a. He since quieted any concerns in two by slashing five sixty six with sixteen home runs at sixty seven games. He was a multi position player in college and plays an adequate right field with a strong arm from his relief pitching experience. He's already twenty three and shown he's nearly ready for the major leagues, but he is currently blocked by Harrison Bader, Daniel Carlson and Tyler O'Neill. The cardinals could opt to trade from one of the current fielders, but there too, but they too are looking to compete now and are unlikely to dispose of any major league proven that instead of Barrelson's potential, the cardinals could have looked to upgrade their short stop and starting Pitcher, which fits the Rangers overflow of prospects. Ending burls into a lineup consists consisting of Smith, seegers, Simeon, Garcia and John would create a potent batting order and give the rangers very much needed power. Burlson may currently be the Ninth Ring Prospect, but will quickly be in the top five when updated rankings come out. Martin Perez wouldn't be enough to land them. Perrens... only a one year deal, so the trade will most likely to be centered around his Zechiel Duran. So our plan for a trade would be UM ST Louis would be getting Ezekiel Duran and Martin Perrenz, and the Rangers will be getting Alec Burrelson and Right Hander Pitcher Ryan Hayes healthy. So at number two we have Kyle Mueller from the braves. Muhler is currently the top ranked pitching prospect for the braves but, like Burlson, is blocked from cracking their major league rotation. Battled by injury. Mueller Fitz the Spencer Howard Mould of high potential, high risk prospect. Over the course last season, he he carries a three nineteen ear in triple a through a hundred and sixty one combined innings. His brief two major league ex didn't go quite as planned, as he was hammered by Texas for seven runs in two innings. That's all walks, six back batners. It was immediately optioned back to triple a. Since being optioned, he has fixed issues that plagued him, posting a seven e r a with only six walks to forty three strikeouts in thirty three innings only would be difficult to pry from in the lant up. But the defending world champs are without a tent looking to repeat that success and return to the winter classic this year. While in a division with the New York mets. It won't be easy, so they'll have to be aggressive around to turn the time. They've shown a pattern of avoiding the high financial cost trade candidates at the deadline and, as any playoff contender, will look to upgrade their frontline pitching and bullpen now. To make things trickier, John Daniels has recently stated they're looking to get away from the habit of trading away. They're veteran players, but would be it would be near malpractice not to entertain an offer for players on one year deals. Mark Perez would give the braves another proven veteran picture to front load of playoff rotation. Matt Moore has left every bid as one of the best available bullpen arms capable of saching multiple innings. In Charlie Colberston would bring home a fan favorite player to add infield depth pinch run in tight situations. So when this Um hypothetical deal we would ship off Martin Parennez, Matt Moore and Charlie Culberson and received Kyle Mueller. So at number three we have Jaren Duran with the red sox. Former top twenty five prospects may or may not be on the move this summer, but with the competitive red SOx being forced to compete in one of the toughest divisions in baseball, you'd expect them to be aggressive in their pursuit for improvement. The speedy outfielder Duran was a former seventh round draft pick who stock has risen with his play. A consistent bat first guy, he is a career slash line of three or seven, three, sevree four, seventy three, with a hundred seventeen extra base hits through three hundred games played. He has made the most of his second major league stint while filling in for Kiki Hernandez, currently going nineteen for fifty seven with one home run. The Red Sox may stay packed with Duran as a fourth outfielder, but are likely to look into using his success as leverage to improve their bullpen. Another reason to move Dr in is his move to the outfield is relatively recent, leading to subpart defensive play, which can become a liability. The Texas Rangers, on the other hand, have the time necessary to allow his adjustment to the new position. Even though Duran was the top twenty five overall prospect who had success. His trade would come at the cheapest of the three for the Rangers as part. As previously mentioned, Boston will left to bolster their bullpen, as there may need, just like to deal with Atlena. Meant more as the obvious trade candidate. As his seven O, two E R A and thirty five innings has proven, he's one of the better relievers available. Adding Cole Calhoun provides them with a great defender with power and leadership capabilities. Rounding out the trade would be middle tier prospects...

...such as trevor. However, Cody Bradford, so we the trade would be Matt Moore, Cold Calhoun and Trevor. However, forward Jarren Duran from the Red Rangers will definitely look to be buyers. Is Trading deadline, with their eyes said, towards controllable frontline starter and outfielder help. But that doesn't necessarily mean they will be solely focused on proven major leaguers. Sometimes the best, the best help can come from unlikely players, and these are a few of the prospects that Texas Rangers should consider to continue their plan for a long term competitive team. Let us know in the common section below. Is there anybody that you think the Rangers should pick up that are still prospects and from whom? And, of course, before we move on, please hit that thumbs up button and subscribe to the channel. And now on to our next topic, our weekly report who's hot and WHO's not. The Texas Rangers had a news series against the Washington nationals this past week. You would think that they had the talent to sweep that series of three games. Unfortunately, the Rangers lose that last home series two games to one, before hitting the road before the All star break. The Rangers would kick off the road trip taking the series easily against the Kansas city royals. I felt like the offense was clicking for them for the first two games. Then on Wednesday we got a picture duel between Zach Ranky Day dunning. The Rangers just couldn't get the offense going during that game. Is Theo needs abaris had the only home run of the game and wouldn't lose two to one so let's talk about who made the list this week in our weekly report. So starting off with WHO's hot. Well, the round rock experience. The Round Rock Express decided to show how lethal their batting is on Wednesday, a night against the Las Vegas Aviators. Make Stolac and eat on his Sam Huff, Josh Ale and Steel Walker all hit home runs and attend and one victory. Colwyn had a good night of pitching for the express as well. It's striking out eight banners and six innings. This is probably the best all around game the express have had all season. Next up he donlas Garcia. Let's not forget to go that made the stateiument go crazy last Saturday. DOLLAS Garcia hammered the ball deep to win the game against the nationals. The Jerry on top was him doing the call of Duty Chess Plate celebration. And let's also not forget the amazing announce man has. He got that one where major and Nelson crews out by a mile at home plate. And then we got John Gray. Like I said last week, sometimes it takes a picture a month to get warmed up for a season. John Gray dominated the strike zone once again this week. Striking out eight and only allowing a run in seven innings. This is the on grade that John Daniels and Chris Young Imagine when they gave him that expensive deal during the off season and then Yote to varis. The varis had himself a game against the royals on Wednesday as he channeled his inner Adlas Garcia to get a runner out at home. He also tied the game up at one with a solo home run that he crashed. But then we also have to address WHO's not hot in starting off with Josh Smith. Josh might be having his first ever hitting slump as a major league player right now. In the past week he has recorded only three hits in Nineteen bets. I think pitchers are starting to learn how to pitch against him and get him out. He's still worth putting in the line up to gain experience at the major league level. Then we got Jack Lighter. Jack is having one bad start to his career with the Rangers. It was announced on Wednesday that the rough riders moved him to the Development List due to an injury. It's not a super serious one, as you only missed his next star against Corpus Christi on Thursday night. I don't think... imagine having to start with the Rangers Organization like this. So I want to ask you. Is there anybody that should have been on the WHO's not hot list or the WHO's hot list? Let us know in the comments section below. And on to our next topic. MLB analyst has given up boldly prediction to fans. Do you believe in miracles? If you do, when you're a Texas Rangers Fan, you might be in luck if you read the latest bold predictions from MLB DOT COM writer Anthony. I forgot how to say his last name, so we'll just call it Anthony C. He gave ten bold predictions for the month of July and baseball, and there's one in particular that you get rain rangers fans giddy about what could be under horizons. Here's exactly what he said. The Rangers will be in a playoff spot. And once in so what Texas actually find themselves in the thick of the playoff race heading into the all important month of August? If you believe the pundit, perhaps they could be. Here's some of the reasons behind his UM reasoning. The rangers that are respectable since the start of May, and had they just fared better in one run games there for fifteen, their season would take on an entirely different tone. And that can happen this month, if only because the schedule featuring twenty one games against other sub five squads affords the opportunity need to hang around the AL playoff race. That four fifteen record and one game speaks volumes, because the rangers currently set at thirty six, thirty nine as of this episode, and they've been even nine in ten or ten and nine in those same circumstances. We're talking about a team will lower and one that would likely already be occupying a playoff spot. Is indeed a respectable stretch and a sign of a team playing greatly improved baseball from just a year ago. If we look at the Texas Rangers up coming July schedule after they finished with the myths, they do have a tough series against the twins at home, but otherwise their dockhead features matchups against the Orioles athletics, Mariners and angels as well. It's an isolated game in Miami against the Marlins after the All star break, not exactly a murderer's row, and certainly a mineral stretch for the team, so you can prohap to see where he's coming from here. How the Rangers do in July will dictate how they act come trade deadline time on August. Two and the likely stay in pat or at a controllable piece or two at best. If you want to see our thoughts on what the Rangers should do at the trade deadline, you can check out the video right up here. And now onto our in the next topic, the best all star performances in Texas Rangers history. Yeah, the Ulstar game has become quite any event for Texas Rangers fans, so we're gonna dive into some of the best performances of all time for the Texas Rangers. It don't be. All Star Week is a reunally spectacle that displays premier talent that residents both leagues, the American League in the National League, and not only a full line inning game, but also the home run Derby, where players can be seen crushing baseballs further than anyone else in the world. The week brings magical moments that many fans will forever hold dear to their hearts and displays the American pastime is still alive and will. While there are still some decisions to be made on who...

...will represent the AL and Y L in the big game and the home run Derby participants are yet to be announced, the excitement for the midsummer classic is growing, regardless of how fan voting is turning out this year, only letting lead to year taxas readers only having one representative in the game, even though they had three last year on a team that had less wins at the All star break that this year's Rangers do. Now we may have to ignore the disrespect and look at past performances and displays the greatness in the year league contest that shows which leagues has the greatest players. With that being said, this segment Um diving into what I consider to be the best performances of all star weekend readers history. Number five, Hank blaylock. Two. In just a second year in the big leagues, Rangers Third Baseman at the time, blaylock searched through the first half's pointing it slash of three four with seventeen home runs heading into two thousand three all star game. Well, he didn't end up starting for the AL squad, he's certainly made his mark by the end of the game. As the game went on, blaylock stayed sitting on the bench, awaiting his time to make his mark. It wasn't until the eighth aning the a l manager, Mike, Socially called Nday loock Badford Troy Glass, who started the game at third base, stepping up to the plate against Eric Gagney, who was in the midst of a perfect safe season. The runner a second in a squad down six to five, blaylock smacked a pitch on three and one count the right center for a home run. The Paul traveled four seven FT and after it landed, the Al had the lead and went hold onto it until the very end of the game. Garrett, Garrett Anderson may have won the MVP award for the first ever all star game. That counted towards home field advantage, but it was blaylock who had the biggest moment. Next up, von run we get is from the All Star game. Pudge entered the mid summer classic with an insane three fifty batting average and was the starting catcher for the annal squad in what would go on to be the highest scoring all star game in history, another record said, pudge would go on to hit three singles and driving one run. As the three hits would go on to get a record for a catcher. Rod Regis Final Hit, Trobin Jim Tomy extended the lead for the annal and they never looked back, winning the game eight. While not underworldly, Rodriguez performance was the epitome of what he was for the Rangers, solid and exactly what his team needed. Next up and number three, Alfonso Siriano, two thousand four all star MVP. Strolling into the two thousand four all star game as the starter was Alfonso Siriano, sporting at two eighty nine average, seventeen dingers, as he was enjoying his first season as a range or after he was traded to Texas for Alex Rodriguez, Sriano, about eighth. That's a hot, high powered lineup that featured numerous hall of Famers, but it was Oriana who provided the spark a l team needed, propelling the annual too victory. Soriano would go too for three with a home run while driving in three runs. It would later be crowned all star Game M v P. L won the game nine to four and the number two mm Michael Young two thousand and six all star M v P and two eight all star game. But as well, called Michael Young Captain Clutch for his performances in two separate all star Game appearances. Voted in as a reserve and not a starter. In each of the two seasons, young Lt performed expectations, like he always seemed to do throughout his career. First and two thousand six, young was awarded M v P honors as...

...he came up to bat at the top of the ninth inning, his team down two to one and hit a two strike triple and driving in two runs, the second of which being the go ahead run, thus winning the game for the American League squad. Then in two thousand eight, during the last all star game to be played at old Yankee Stadium, it was young again who played hero and what was the longest game in all star history. Young came to the plate in the fifteenth inning at well passed one in the morning, you know, walk off sacrifice flight, giving the win to the American League. Finally, at number one, Josh Hamilton's the one that takes it up ranking for the best performance during all star festivities is clearly Josh Hamilton's magical home run derby performance two thousand eight. At the time I was an arrangers fan, but I remember this clear as day. Heading to the Derby, Hamilton's was hitting three twenty one home runs and was quickly becoming when the premier and play years in all the league. Upon receiving a home run derby invite, Hamilton did not disappoint. Under the bright lights of the House that Ruth built, Hamilton would go on to give the crowd a show of a lifetime. Fans watched Hamilton's pelt home run after home run, eventually ending with a record of home runs in the first round, while Hamilton's would eventually tire out and lose the home run Derby in the final round. He was one of the most memorable performances and athlete has ever had, and he did it under the brightest lights of the sport. Of course, we have to acknowledge these are only some of the phenomenal performances of Rangers all stars and hopefully it's the rangers start competing more here in the future we can see many more performances like these. And now our main topic, the state of the forty man roster at mid season two, we're taking a look at the state of the Rangers forty million roster and a decision to be made this coming off season in that regard properly half way through the season. So it is time for one of our state of the forty man roster segments. As things stand right now, the Rangers have forty two players on the forty man roster. The forty man roster is full. Jonathan Hernandez and Eli White are both on the sixty day I know, although Hernandez should be back in the near future. The Rangers have three players on the forty man roster, if my count is accurate, who are free agents at the end of the season, as Martin Perez, Charlie Colburson and Matt Moore. Perez could, of course, be signed to an extension at some point this year and even if he isn't, the Rangers may resign him after the season, and even if they don't, don't need to be at adding a starting pitcher to replace him in the rotation. So you can arguably say that you should your market forty man spot for Perez or is replace them regardless. However, we're not going to do that in this segment. That gets us the thirty nine players. In addition, the Rangers hold club options on three players, cold Calhoun, Gary Richards and Jose laclerk. Richard Richards has a nine million club option for twenty three with a one million dollar buyout. He was signed to be a multi inning reliever and after being used a lot in the first month of the season, he started the season on the I l first appeared in a game on April four. He made seven appearances in the month. Chris Woodward has not used Richards nearly a month of late. Richards has been fine R a three sixty F I P and twenty seven innings, but he's not been the sort of dominant fireman that would warrant picking up a nine million dollar option for next year. Calhoun has a five point five million dollar club option for three with no buyout. He was signed to provide a veteran presence, solidify the outfield and I had a...

...lefty beat, and he's done that more or less. He's been fine. I am skeptical, though, that the Rangers pick up his option unless some other moves are made that ship out some of the other internal corner outfield performed options or on US Calhoun is much better in the second half, or the Rangers figure they can trade him to a team that will give them something for a Calhoun, a one year, five million dollar deal, and thus it's worth exercising the option and then move him. Jose has a six million dollar club option for twenty three with a seven or fifty thousand dollar buyout, and a six million dollar club option for twenty four with another five thousand dollar buyout. But the Rangers do with him largely depends, I suspect, on how he looks. Over the final half of the season he was one of the best reliabers in baseball. Had An up and down twenty nineteen, where he wasn't nearly as good but was still five. He's throwing five major league innings since due to injuries. If you think you'll be getting the teen version of clerk, exercising the option is a slam dunk. If you think you're getting the twenty nineteen version, it's a closer call. If it is the guy who can't stay healthy or if you're getting someone who can't throw strikes. After Tommy John Surgery, options are gonna be declined. That leaves you at either thirty six or thirty seven players on the forty man roster, depending on what you do with the clerk. Obviously, all the thirty six players who are currently on the roster we haven't touched on yet won't still be on the forty man roster at season's end. Someone will be dropped for the return of Jonathan Hernandez, for example, but for now that's where we are. Let's shift gears for a moment and take a look at players who could be added to the forty man roster at some point. You're going to start with notable players in the Rangers system who are not on the forty main roster currently eligible to become a minor league free agent at the end of the year they're not added to the forty million roster. That includes Calvin Gonzalez, ever Bueno Lucas, Jacobson, Fernrio Zuna and Miguel Pariso, and I apologize for saying these names wrong, four relievers in an l fielder who finally showed signs of elect but then got hurt. Hasn't been healthy. Since these are all guys who I could possibly see added to the forty million roster, so that they don't hit the free agent market. I think the odds are against each of them being added, and there's a good chance and none of them are added, but a lot likely depends on what they do over the final three months of this season. Lucas would seem, out of this group to be the most likely to have his contract purchased before he hit the free agent market. The big lefty, who just turned twenty seven, has been very good out of the bullpen for Frisco this season. nowing opponent. It's a one, seventy two, sixty seven, three, oh two slash line, striking out twenty of sixty batters spaced. He's also on the injured list right now, though I think Texas will move him up to round rock if, in one, he's healthy at some point if they are looking to add it. Kelvin was acquired from the royals for international slot bonus money. He was really good for Hickory in teen, putting up a one R A and striking out a third of the batters he faced, and then he missed all of one after Tommy John Surgery. He's toiling in a C L right now and we'll probably go to Hickory or Frisco soon. Bueno and fernary are right handed relators who throw hard and have control issues. Buyeno has struggled in triple a while it was Zuna hasn't moved down of double a despite R a. both seem pretty unlikely. But Gail, what a tease, part of the same J two US as...

Laoti to virus. He's a quality defensive center fielder who has some speed and has shown flashes of potential with the bat, but who has never been able to hit over the course of the full season. He got off to a slow start for Hickory and twenty one and I'd pretty much written him off the fire, and ended up earning a promotion of Frisco after slashing two, seventy, four, seven, five sixty seven for high hickory. He struggled in fifteen games at Frisco, slashing fifty six and forty one, played appearances and then got hurt and hasn't been since, excepting the A C l. In a sense, they'll likely go to Frisco in the near future and will probably play very good defense in center field, tease with his offensive potential and do just enough to make you think that well, maybe he's going to have it all click. I doubt he'll be added to the forty man roster, but if he is, it's likely because the upside is such that the rangers I don't want to see him go elsewhere. And finally plautome. Moving on to the players who are rule five eligible in this offseason. As of now there are six players appeared to profile. It's either locks near locks to be added. As things stand today, that includes Colwyn Owen White, Cole Reagan's, Josh Young, Dustin Harris and AKUNA. I don't think there's anyone in this group who would be controversial. Maybe you could argue that Dustin Harris, who has been good but not great in double a and it was defensively limited, could be exposed. Maybe a Kuna, who has not played above a ball, could be exposed. One could argue, but I think all six, as things stand now, we will be added. As a side note, I should have listed Col reaggans in the minor league free agents group and see will be a free agent isn't added to the roster by the time that season officially ends. But since he appears as a slam dunk to be added on putting him here. Next are interesting starting pitchers who are probably safe to leave off the forty main roster. Jake Glatt's Mason Engler, Ryan Garcia, Cody Bradford, Zach Kent. All these guys are prospects, except for Kent. All of them also have a history of injury issues. All of them could end up getting protected particularly big strides are made in the second half, but at this point I don't expect any of them will be. That's got to start in the majors in one as a covid replacement guy, but he struggled in triple a and twenty two. Bradford got a well over slop bonus in the sixth round in twenty nineteen out of Baylor after an arm injury cut his junior year short. He struggled with hit ability and double a this year. Kent was terrific and Hickory and had a rough go of it in six starts for Frisco at the end of the year and has had community issues so far this year for Frisco. Englert was a fourth rounder out of eighteen who missed all of twenty nineteen due to Tommy John Surgery and due to the recovery from Tommy John Surgery in covid he had a respectable debut season for down east in one and he's doing fine in Hickory in two, but doesn't appear to be in a position to be at risk of being lost in the R five draft. Garcia. It was a helium guy in twenty nineteen, someone who shot up boards late and was taken in the second round by the Rangers. A small high spin right hander. Garcia had pitched only five minutings in missed all one due to Tommy John Surgery and then had that issue and had a delayed start to two due to injury. Garcia has made four very good starts for down east. When he's a twenty four year old carving up low eight hitters, with the amount of time he's missed, it's unlikely and he would want to stash him into bullpen for twenty three is an r five guy. Moving on, we get to the interesting relief arms category. Deston Dust Dotson,...

Daniel Robert, every Williams and Justin Slaton for the five minor league free agents to be to be I identified above previously are also in the interesting relief arms category, which kind of highlights why the Rangers are likely going to air on the side of not protecting guys in this category because, well, they have a bunch on their forty man roster already. They have a bunch of possible candidates in the miners and there are only so many forty man roster spots you can devote. Interesting Relief Arms Daniel Robert but seemed to be the one in this group most likely to be added to the forty man roster this offseason. Drafted in the twenty first season round out of Auburn, drafted in the twenty one round and Auburn in the first baseman converting the pitching. Texas ended up not signing him due to his needing Tommy John Surgery, but signed him in the next year as an undrafted free agent. He misses bats his community chaps and turns twenty eight in August. He was R five eligible this past offseason and apparently there was some concern within the organization that he might be selected. He's had a rough go of it round rock this year, mainly due to control issues. Still, he was getting attention in spring training this year. Well, I don't think any of these four get protected Robert's the one I would say is most likely. DESTON DOTSON is huge. He's a huge left hander, list than at six seven pounds, who was a twelfth round prep pick out of band Ridge and the stuff is legit, but so are the command issues. After a short stint and down east, he was promoted to Hickory, where he struck out or walked forty three and eighty four batteries in his faced. It would seem to be one of the more likely candidates to get selected if the rangers expose him just because he's the type of hitter or type of picture. Excuse me, who teams will take a flyer on and take a look at and spring training with the possibility of carrying him. It's a third left in the pen if his command approves. Wiens and Slayton have both been used as starters, but both seemed the profile as relievers. SLAYTON, the Rangers Third Rounder inteen and at the university in New Mexico, was seen as a likely reliever coming out of the college. The Rangers have used him as a starter until the middle of this year when they shifted him to a relief for all for Frisco. Wiens was a ten thousand dollars senior signed by the Chicago White Sox as a sixth rounder out of the University of Arizona, and the year old lefty came over to Texas and alliance land trade and for both Hickory last year and Frisco this year, has missed a lot of bats and been rather home prone. Next up is the infielders drafted in the upper part of the draft. This includes Chris Sie, Davis Winzel and Jonathan or Neelis. You know the Chris Sie Story. Taking twenty nine overall seventeen draft, talked about as possibly the best position prospect in the system, but unable to stay on the field. Injuries wiped out all are almost all of eighteen, nineteen and covid wiped out. He's slashing to Hickory this year and has primarily been at D H, so he's been playing more shortstop of late. With just onety six minor league games and with his middling offensive performance this year, I wouldn't think he'd be protected. But the Rangers love says and if they think there's a risk of another team snagging him, it's possible. Maybe. I don't think it will happen, but stranger things have happened. Winzell was picked number thirty seven overall in the draft by the Rangers, with the pick they acquired from the brewers and Alex Claudio Trade. Seen as a potential Justin Turner type who could play all over the infield. Why? Hitting for doubles power, winzell has struggled to stay healthy as a pro and his slashing just two for round rock. I wouldn't think he'd be protected, but...

...he but he's the type of player who could get picked because of his defensive versatility and the possibility of his bat taking a step forward. He was the Rangers Third Round Pick in twenty eighteen, a prep shortstop out of Glendale, Arizona, or Nielis, had primarily played shortstop in the minors, but has also played second base in third base, and the Rangers have given him reps in center field as well. He didn't hit one, but has been surprisingly productive for Frisco this year, slashing thirty, three, three seventy six. He doesn't have much power and he is striking out a lot. The defensive versatility and improved offensive performance this year could result in him being added to the roster or being picked in the rule five draft. If he isn't, the miscellaneous category, Blame Grim David Garcia. Bubba Thompson Graham is a twenty five year old who can hit some, but who is the first base H he's currently slashing two, sixty six, two and sixty one. It's possible he's protected, but unlikely. Garcie is a weird situation. He's still just twenty. He's just twenty two and a switch hitting catcher who is considered to be very good defensively, Bud who has only really hit in one season and spokane. Garcia was added to the forty man roster after the two thousand seasons, his first year of our five eligibility, but then it was non tendered this passed off season and resigned to a minor league deal. He's technically in a position to be a minor league free agent, I believe, if he's not added to the forty million roster. The Rangers seem to like Garcine. I think want to keep him in the organization. So maybe a manner of what do they think he can do that without adding him to the forty Bubba Thompson, he's probably the biggest question mark to me right now in regards the potential forty man roster additions for the off season. For Mur High School quarterback who was the Rangers first round pick in twenty seventeen, had a miserable twenty nineteen season and then lost due to covid he was a forgotten man coming into one, but had a solid two, seventy five, forty three slash line for Frisco, along with twenty five stolen basis. He was our five eligible last year, wasn't protected and then there was no r five draft, so it didn't matter. This year. BUBBA's slashing three, Oh, five, three, fifty four, seventy from round rock, thirty for forty and stolen bases, and it's continuing to play terrific defense in center field. He also has seventy five k's against just fifteen walks and two eighty six plate appearances. Thompson is just twenty four and there's upside there. There's also a very real possibility that the swinging miss issues he has gotten exposed at the major league level such that he simply won't make enough contact to be a viable major league hitter. A team drafting him in the R five could look to carry him as a fifth l fie, owner a defensive replacement and pinch runner who gets the occasional start against the lefty. The Rangers going to have a tough call to make on him this season. So the Rangers forty man roster would get down to thirty six or thirty seven, depending on what the team does with a little clerk option. Wants the free agents to be all removed. There are at least six players who will likely be added in events the R five draft, and the Rangers probably will want to earmark roughly six spots for offseason additions to the major league roster, either via trade or free agency. All told, the Rangers will likely need to drop eight to ten players who are currently on the forty man roster and who are not free agents at season's end in order to make that work. Of course, as it is, the Rangers are going to have to drop someone for the forty man roster to make room for Jonathan her Nandez, who should be activated from the sixty day injured list this month. So the pruning won't be waiting, waiting until seasons and the most...

...likely casualties, Matt Bush, Andy Ibanez, Nick Stoleac Zach Rex, Stephen Dougar, Kolbe Allard and Mayburis will look Gloria. The Rangers will not in tender Matt Bush this offseason, then signed him to a major league contract. He will come to spring training impress earned a spot on the opening day roster. Dan Land on the injured list at some point. The cycle repeated itself for the next twenty years. Ibanez was signed as a bat first second baseman out of Cuba, but didn't really hit until when he put up an ops for Mount Rock. Ibans been sometime the majors last year, in early May, didn't hit, went to round rock toward up there. Earned the promotion back to Texas in mid June, after which he was a regular in the lineup. He started two season as the team's regular third basement. Didn't hit option a round rock and hasn't hit triple a either. You even that he ban is is twenty nine years old. He's got limited defensive utility has a skill set that overlaps with a number of younger players who have surpassed him. He seems likely to end up on the waiver wire. Thinks so. Like is also a bad first second baseman. He hasn't hit the money, or in the major's, excuse me, since he put up an eight sixty seven ops for a round rock twenty two games and has a seven ops and round rock this year since being sent down. My guess is that the Rangers end up moving him for a very fringe prospect or something similar in this month. He has options remaining, which provides some flexibility for an acquiring team and I suspect someone we don't want to take a shot at fixing him. REX still being on the forty man currently is something of an upset. The Rangers acquired him and Billy mckinney, and on the left handed hitting out fielder, from the dodgers last November. Mckinney was non tendered to weekly. Rex is stuck around and spent much of shuffling between the majors and the miners. There are only so many fringe lefty corner outfield best you can carry on the forty man roster. However, and with Steele Walker now also on the forty man roster, rex would seem to be like a likely casualty. Of course, I thought he would be off the main roster by opening day two. So what do I know? Dogar? You know about because the Rangers are just traded for him. He had last year, plays good defense and has an option remaining. So we could possibly end up sticking around if he hits like he did. If he doesn't, well, the Rangers Have Eli White and Lee Ode to Veris on the forty man roster currently and Bubba Thompson on the bubble, similar to the situation rex. There's a limit to how many bench type guys with the same skill set you want to carry. Kobe Allard is a perfectly fine swing man, a guy who can pitch in the rotation at triple a, be shuffled between apple a and the majors when you need a spare arm, sitting a bullpen for two weeks without being used and then brought into a game to get your twelve ounce. He doesn't turn twenty five until August, remarkably enough, and he will have an option remaining after this season. Alard offers some valuable some value that can warrant a forty man roster spot. I just don't know that, given the decisions Rangers will have to make, he will warrant a spot on this forty man roster by Lauria is an interesting case. He's just twenty five years old as an option remaining, and since he was signed as a free agent to a minor league deal, he hasn't used that last option yet. This season the Rangers thought enough of him to bring him up and have him to be the backup catcher when they decided the same huff would be better served playing regularly in triple a, but they don't think enough of him to actually play him much. I wouldn't be shocking if the Rangers held on the Valoria through the off season is having a third catcher and the forty man roster with an option who you can stash at triple a for depth. Is it Nice electury to have that said, I don't think...

...the Rangers are in a position luxury ate in the luxury. That gives us seven on the bubble, bubble players. If you recall, we said that Rangers will likely need to open up eight to ten forty roster spots. So even if everyone on this lift is removed, the Rangers will likely still need to make another move or two or more. The most likely place for the Rangers to look to trimm players beyond those I've identified is in the bullpen. Josh bores is an options after two and so the Rangers would seem likely to move on from him rather than carry him on the off chance he makes the team in twenty three, though I said the same thing last year about Dennis Antanna A. J Alexei and Yurie Rodriguez are having underwhelming years for triple a round rock and could be candidates to be dealt for allowing ticket to clear out a roster spot or, as an extra piece and a bigger deal, Ronnie Enriquez this past offseason. Taylor hearn and Brett Martin both are arbitration eligible for a second time this offseason, and the Rangers could feel at the state of their bullpen is such that they are better off moving her or Martin for what they can get for and then, rather than bring them back around at twenty three to try to fit them into the pen. One thing this segment helps the illustrated, I think, is why the Rangers are likely to be buyers both this month and this coming off season. At the same time the team is trying to pry open its window of contention, it also is in a position where it probably needs to look to be moving players, both because you can't keep all your prospects and having players and have playing time for all of them, and because you have forty men roster constraints that will limit how many you can protect, which is why, even if the Rangers aren't necessarily serious contenders, when the trade deadline rolls around at the end of the month, I think there's a good chance you can see the Rangers of buyers, not for an expensive rental but for someone under a team control for a number of years. I think the cold hamilts trade, not the cliff lead trade. You can't keep everyone and in the case of the Rangers, I think there's a good chance that's going to lead to some significant moves in the coming months. Let us know in the common section below what do you think about their forty man roster during the mid season. Should we include anything? Do you agree or disagree with what we said? And, of course, hit that like button Um, subscribe to the channel and the bell notification by notified in future videos and if you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffee and buy me a coffee. DOT COM SLASH TT rangers. Your support helps the channel girl upgrader equipment, bringing new hosts be able to pay them to host their shows, and we've loved the livestream from Global Life Field, and your support can help make that happen. And, of course, thank you so much for watching and listen. We will see you next time. Take this has been the talking Texas Rangers podcast. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered by tweeting us at talking t x Rangers or liking us on facebook at facebook dot com forward slash talking Texas Rangers. As always, thank you for listening and go rangers.

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