Talkin Texas Rangers
Talkin Texas Rangers

Episode 33 · 1 month ago

Rookie Bubba Thompson Off to a Fast Start


Welcome to another episode of Talkin Texas Rangers! This we discuss:

  • Week 16: The Revenge of Former Rangers Players
  • Bubba Thompson Off to a Fast Start
  • Prospect Report: Help Is On the Way
  • Former Ranger Attempting to Be The Next Ohtani 



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This episode is powered by podds. PODEX are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're gonna want to check out pods now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to podex dot com and typing coupon code. What's the code, Larry? Yes, that's the code. CHECK OUT PODEX DOT COM take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the talk in Texas Rangers podcast, where we dive into the latest rumors in news surrounding Texas Rangers Baseball. Ye, welcome to talking to Texas Rangers podcast. I am your host, Larry. At least today we're diving into the news around global life field. But first would I have to thank our sponsored game top sponsoring this episode. If you're looking for the best place to get tickets to your next Rangers game, come check out game time. He's a link in the description and help support the show. And we can also like to thank context for sponsoring this episode. If you're a podcaster looking and grow your engagement and get a bigger audience. Consider checking out puntext today at PUNDEX DOT com. He used the Promo Code to Larry Twenty one for temper cent off your order. And now let's get right into it. So Week Sixteen asked calm. The Texas Rangers had another one of those weeks that you want to forget. The team got swept once again in by the Baltimore Orioles this...

...week, with ex Rangers Jo Les Ruten in the door and Robinson Charinos all contributing. Because, of course, not everything was bad about this week, though. The Rangers did take last weekend series against angels. Also a lot of action down in the minor least. We had some career nights by some of the top pictures in the organization and deserving promotions for some prospects. So I'll have to dive in, of course, check out who's hot and WHO's not in this week's report. So starting off, we're gonna go with Jake, excuse me, Jack Liner, Cole Reagan's and Cole Wyn All we're hot this week. Let's start off with a guy that will be facing off against the white sox on Thursday. Cole Reagan's. It was announced on twitter Wednesday that would be promoted to the Rangers and made his debut in the miners. Jack Liner had good outing this week. In five point two innings, he only allowed two hits, a run and struck out four. Fellow righty Colwyn couldn't sit out this pitching performance contest in the minor leagues and five of his own innings at triple a he allowed just one hit and struck out nine batters. Win was just dominant on a mound for the express. All I have to say after this pitching is that twitters are gloaded with guys who very shortly. Next up Aaron Zavola, Louise Angel a KUNA. Two prospects got a very well deserved promotion this week, Zavola and a Cuna, who are promoted to the rough riders, and neither wasted any time making an introduction to the fans. Aaron Zavola was a player I mentioned that could get fast tracked through the ranger system before the season started. Glad to see Texas agrees and sent him to Frisco. If you live out in the North Texas area, try... go to one of the rough riders last games this season to see this player in action. Next up, Spencer Howard. Howard joins the list of past Rangers will win a game on their birthday. Howard pitched five innings, allowing three hits and striking up five batterers. What was even more amazing about Howard's outing was he didn't walk a single batter and Al dueled all stars. Show Heya tany unfortunately, we gotta address WHO's not hot, and that would be the rangers. It would be nice to get some offense goings. Are Starting pitchers. Great Outing doesn't get wasted. On Tuesday, the Rangers made former Texas different lyles look like he belonged on the American League, also our roster. On Wednesday, the Rangers, with Mark Perez, is amazing nine, punch out outing by not deciding to start scoring runs until the seventh inning. If Texas makes wants to make one last push towards making a wild card spot, they can't afford to have off days on offense moving forward. So the Texas Rangers are beginning a away series against Houston Astros, starting tonight and going to the eleven. Let us know in the common section below is there's somebody that we should have considered to be hot and someone we should be considered not hot. Let us know there's always given a thumbs up. If you like her video, subscribe to the channel and hit that bail notification button. You find a future videos. And next up we have Texas ranger prospects. Help is on the way, as big names are progressing. Last Friday, the Texas Rangers played the Chicago White Sox in Game Two four game series at Globe Life Field. Glen Oudo took them out for the rangers in this one and pitched the solid outing, as he was able to control the white sox offense for the majority of the game prior to this outing. Auto came in...

...the game by going four and seven with a five point, five year Ra seven strikeouts on the season, obviously not the type of rns that you want to have during the course of the season. During the game, able to keep the white sox offense limited, as he won six innings, allowing four hits, two earned runs and one walk, while striking out seven on nine pitches, sixty five for strikes. As the Rangers fell to to one of the white sox and need another one run loss. I'm pretty sure everyone is tired of the one run losses that Texas Rangers keep piling on in the season, but let's face it, they aren't anywhere near in contention for a playoff spot, so they should allow others a chance to get a taste of the big leagues to see what they could arrive for the team. We've already seen a couple of debuts of the season, including Ezekiel, Duran Josh Smith among the others. Most recently, the Rangers called up bubba Thompson and Colt Reagan's to see what they can provide for the team and Reagan's first career star. He pitched a solid outing for the Rangers as he went five innings, allowing three hits, one run, zero earned runs and four walks, while striking out three on ninety three pitches. In Thompson's first every game in the big leagues, he went one for three as he picked up his first career hit on a bunt in the seventh thing. Thompson played in Friday's game, in which he went one for four but picked up two stolen bases and the two to one loss. The future is bright for the Texas Rangers despite this season not going the way everyone expected it to go, but you have to be hopeful about what Texas is doing. The Rangers drafted Josh J Young. In the following year they drafted Jack Lighter. In the year after that they drafted Kamara rocker and brock porter. The Rangers are absolutely loaded with talent in the farm system, most notably Aaron Zavola, has been catching fire on the Frisco rough riders as he has been playing some good baseball lately. He's been getting...

...some traction in terms of who fans want to see be called up next. Top Position Player in prospect, Josh Young, is slowly but surely working himself back onto the field as he recovers from the surgery. John has been playing baseball in the Arizona Complex League and hit a home run in his seventh game of the season. If John can finish the rest of the season healthy, then we all most likely see him at global if field next season. Jack Lighter is currently in double a with the Frisco rough riders and is trying to finish his first professional season. Lighter Pitch Friday against Amail of sad poodles. In the game lighters started the game really well by picking up three quick strikeouts in three innings. However, things got a little bumpy for him as the hits, runs and walks started to pile up. Lighter would finish the game by going five innings, allowing four hits, three runs, three walks four strikeouts on eighty nine pitches. As a rough riders one six to five. They're sixth straight win so far in the season. In seventeen games pitched, liner is three and eight, with a five, seventy seven a striking out, seventy two and sixty four innings pitched. Not the type of numbers that we were accustomed to saying while he was that vanderbilt, but he's De veilving with each start in Frisco. All most likely see lighter at go black field sometime in think about the players that I just mentioned, and there's plenty of more prospects that are playing well and having a good season the rangers farm system than I didn't include. The Rangers are loaded with talent. The Rangers have one of the best farm systems in baseball. Again, that's without Kumar, rocker and brock porter, who they just drafted. Help is on the way. You have to be really excited to see what the Rangers have done in the past couple of seasons. Yes, it's tough watching them struggle. Yes, it's miserable seeing them lose so many one run games, but the Rangers will get better and they will be back soon. They'll be the rangers that...

...were competing for the division, winning playoff games, series, et CETERA. The Rangers we'll get through this season and they will go into the off season looking to be aggressive and improve their roster, specifically pitching well, potentially earning yet another solid first round pick for next year's MLB draft. The pain and misery will soon be over, but progress is clearly being made to correct that. The Rangers are in a good position, with a loaded farm system and with money to spend in free agency. But the most intriguing thing is that they are a young team. The Rangers are in a better position than a lot of other teams right now, even though it doesn't seem like it. You have to feel better about the future the Texas Rangers, because all we have to do is get through the miserable season healthy. Soon this team will be back to where they once were, competing for a playoff spot. Let us know your thoughts on the status of the Rangers farm system. We've becoming in a common section below. And now on to our next topic, bubba Thompson. BUBBA Thompson is off to a fast start. Just two games in his big league career. First Round selection in the Rangers is making an impact with his legs. This should come as no surprise because in eighty games for triple a round rock, he swiped forty nine bags, only being caught three times. In his Major League debut on Thursday at home against the White Sox, the twenty four year old picked up his first major league hit on a bunt back to the picture in the bottom half of the seventh. The Pun wasn't a great one, but he was able to fly down the line only three point six two seconds, beating the late second baseman, Josh Harrison, to the bag. The scamper down the line ran as the fifth fastest by any major league all season. Making the sprint even more notable is the fact that Thompson bats and throws right handed and thus was coming out of the right...

...side of the batter's box, having to travel slightly further in the first than his left handed counterparts. In Friday's home game against the White Sox, Thompson got a flash his speed even more in the bat bottom half of the second. The left fielder was able to get a base hit up the middle off a ls a young contender, dylan cease, with the kind of wheels that Thompson has. All eyes were on the base runner. Bubba drew drew two pickoff moves by cease and a throw behind him from socks pitcher Savola. Despite the extra attention, when the stolen bases was ultimately attempted, he got there easily. After reaching second base, cease fake to moved a second to try and keep Thompson close to the bag. Later in the sixth inning, while patrolling left field, Thompson got a great jump on the ball in front of him and made a slighting catch. Global left and has some serious ground to cover in the outfield, but with the likes of Bubba and left and Layote to varison center, it seems to play a bit smaller facing ring leader Joe Kelly. In the seventh inning, Thompson hit a groundball second to second baseman Harrison. The ball had some decent pace on it, but it was evident that Harrison was charging hard towards the ball and an attempt to throw out that quick footed Thompson. The result was a booted ball, e four and Bubba was again standing on first place. Two more pickoff moves by Kelly and on three to one to Brad Miller to the races. Yet again. He made it two seconds and plenty of time to get the steel. Unfortunately he was stranded there, but ranger fans can't help but be excited to the prospects of Thompson being able to get himself at scoring position all on his own. Two Games into an ML career are probably too soon to start talking about franchise records, but in Thompson's pace it is worth mentioning. The franchise record for stolen...

...bases in this season is fifty two, held by bump wills in Ellis Andrews holds the franchise record for most stolen bases in a career with three five bubba has two in his first two games. Thompson can hit and play defense too, but so far it is clear that his sheer speed is going to constantly put pressure on opposing teams. If he can remain on track, there is a little doubt that the club's stolen base records will soon, some day, be his. Let us know your thoughts. What do you think about Bubba Thompson? Do you think he'll be able to break that franchise record for stolen bases? Let us know in the comments section below. And now onto a betther interesting topic. For Texas Ranger, Ronald Guzman is attempting to be the next show. Heyu Tony. Things didn't work out for Ronald Guzman, is a member of the Texas Rangers, but maybe they will for him as a player in the Yankees Organization. Guzman signed to a minor league deal by the Yankees this past winner and as he had to appear in a big league games. That's a devastating knee injury he suffered during a game between the Texas rangers and Tampa Bay Rays. The last image of him as a ranger was his exit on a card that evening, a sumber one, two Bi shure. It wasn't a tenure Guzman or Texas and missionary. He had a strong spring training the winner or user spot, despite the team trading for Nathaniel Loeb. But now Guzman is looking to reinvent himself as the next show. Hey Tony, yeah, you heard that all right. There's already a nickname for him, to Gusmani Guzman's career ops seven eighteen is actually not too bad, but his career ops six paints the more important picture. He just hasn't arrived yet with the bat, but maybe pitching can revitalize his career. Hitting ninety six...

...miles per hour and the radar gun is impressive for any picture, let alone a position layer. It plays a position where arm strength doesn't matter all that much. Gooseman clearly has a hidden cannon. There are position players who are being incarnated as pictures late in their careers. I think Anthony Ghosts. There's also those with the talent to hit and pitch. Think of Otani, but also Red Star Hunter, green in the rain, in the rays, Brendan McKay. If gusman can refine his mechanics to become anywhere close to decent as a picture, perhaps the inchie could have something here in a poor man's version of the superstar. They failed to land in Otani. He's going to have to discover his stroke again to even begins serious comparisons, though, on the Texas Rangers End. There was a path that clear playing time for condor after his injury, so all there is to do is wish him the best as he attempts to play as a new path back to the big leagues. Let us know in the comment section below do you think Kuzman could be anything close to Tony. And before we move on, please hit that thumbs up button, hit that subscribe button and the bill notification button to be notified future videos. If you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffee and buy me a coffee. DOT COM SLASH TT rangers. Your support helps the channel grow upgrade our equipment, bringing new hosts and be able to pay them and hopefully one day you take this show on the road. Your support can help make that happen. So buy us a coffee and buy me a coffee. DOT COM SLASH TT rangers. You can send us a dollar, five dollars, however much money you'd like to send the show. Your support is very appreciated. Thank you for watching and listening and we will see you next time. This has been the talk in Texas Rangers podcast. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered by tweeting us at talking t x...

Rangers or liking us on facebook at facebook dot com forward slash talking Texas Rangers. As always, thank you for listening and go rangers,.

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