Talkin Texas Rangers
Talkin Texas Rangers

Episode 27 · 3 months ago

Lets Rank Potential 2022 All-Stars Representing The Texas Rangers


A lot of money was invested in this season’s Texas Rangers roster: a whopping grand total of $500+ million went on the ledgers of owners Ray Davis and Bob Simpson. And while the Rangers won the off-season, the results have not been quite as good as people might have expected over two months into the 2022 season.

A roughly average team (which is what the Texas Rangers are at the moment) won’t produce many All-Stars at the end of the day, but the one (or ones) who could be representing the Rangers in Los Angeles in July aren’t necessarily the ones you would’ve expected heading into 2022.

Fan balloting has officially opened for the Midsummer Classic (vote now for your Rangers! ), so let’s rank the potential Texas Rangers representatives to Dodger Stadium next month.

We also give our weekly Who's Hot, Who's Not list and give our thoughts on a wild and crazy victory on Sunday. 



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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the talk in Texas Rangers podcast, where we dive into the latest rumors and news surrounding Texas Rangers Baseball. Welcome to the talking Texas Rangers podcast. I am your host, a leary lease. Today we're diving latest news, scores and updates around globe black field. But first what I can think our sponsor, game time. If you're looking for the best place to buy tickets to the Texas Rangers, Dall scale boys or any of your favorite teams, you want to check out game time. Link to same time will be in a description. As always. If you use the link you can actually support the show when you buy your tickets. Now on to our thoughts on Sundays victory. It was a strange game. Marcus Simeon let off the game by ripping a ninety five mile per hour fastball in the left field for what appeared to be extra basis and possibly a homer, only to see a J pollock make a leaping catch at the fence the first out. Simeon would end the game over six my my gold co pitch, the Chicago White...

SOx starter ended up leaving the game before the inning was even over. He reacted after throwing a pitch with two ounces of the first tried throwing a warm up pitch after that and then left the game being unable to continue. As it turns out, the issue was apparently a fluid build up behind his knees, which is good for he is expected to make his next start, but it meant that the white sox suddenly had no starting pitcher. That's a problem. So, after having Rainaldo Lopez finished the first and handled the second, Tony Low Russa had Johnny Quado come out for the third inning. As you probably know, he is a starter. This was just his second relief appearance in the majors. Ever, he also was a scheduled starter for Chicago on Monday, but, faced with a tax bullpen and a bunch of innings that needed to be pitched, Russa apparently to did using Kuwaito a day early was the best choice. He ended up going five innings, so that worked out okay, I guess. Anyway, with two hours in the first inning, John Great gave up a single, a walk in a single to give the white sox a one O lead, leading to fears that he was going to be serving up another disappointing outing. Gray did and give up another hit until the six, didn't give up any runs the rest of the game and ended up fanning ten batters at six innings of work. So much happened in the game that gray's outing may be overlooked, but he was very, very good. Gray was mostly a two pitch pitcher. Out of a hundred two pitches, he threw fifty fastballs forty seven sliders, and the two pitches were effective, generating eighteen swings and MRS while Chicago had average exit of velocity of off of him of just eighty miles per hour. It's been a rough beginning for gray. His performance dropped his era in the year to four hundred and eighty...

...five. This was what the rate rangers have been wanting to get from him. Chris Woodward had several relievers unavailable, and so went and so went to Garrett Richardson Seveth, ending to protect a three in one lead, no doubt in the hope that Richards could handle the seventh and eighth before passing things off to Joe Barlow in the night. Six and three was followed up by a single and a walk. Richards induced AJ pollock to hit a grounder to the third base for a potential inning ending double play. Zeke Al Duran couldn't feel it, however, seemingly moving to quickly to try to turn the double play, and so that was it for Richards. Then as Santana, who would has tended to go to when he needs a fire put out, min eating, was summon Santana promptly allowed it to run single, tying up the game. There was no more scoring until the eleventh, as Saintana finished up the seventh and pitch the eighth, while John King handled the ninth and ten. The ten inning, sellen Rangers, due to the Zombie runner on second. In a tie game where run ends, it intentionally walked the leadoff hitre Louise Robert, to set up the double play was a a brew, a braid, who then hit it into a double play. So that worked out well. With a runner on third and two outs, jake the brigger was walked intentionally so that king could face Josh Harrison, which again worked out, with Harrison going down on strikes. You'll let it ending to appear to be the rangers breakthrough. Nathaniel low single sending Zombie Jonaheim to third. Zeke yield ran ripped at three run home run to the field, three run lead and extras. The Rangers would win now, all right, Lass Joe Barlow started the eleventh against Garcia, who felled off six pitches as part of a ten pitch at bad before getting dinged an arm on. A two and two pitch sacrifice fly brought the Zombie runner, who had advanced on the fielders and difference home on. Garcia went to second and then disaster struck. Eli White has not...

...been great offensively this year. Eli White has, however, played great defense in the outfield. It's been great on the base paths and at least hid enough such that his offense hasn't completely counteracted the value of these defensive base Arny provided. Whites bad was responsible for all three of the runs the Rangers scored at regulations. He added to run homer off of Quado and the third, and then a sacrifice fly in the fourth. But they doll as Garcia had. Dh White was in center field, Zach Rex was in left, but the one out in the night and the score time samehuff pinch hit for rex half reached on e five and then was lifted for pinch runner Charlie Culberson, white and sing in each flew, while to end the ending Culberson went into left field, all of which is relevant to the catastrophe. Danny Mendick loop the ball to the gap and medium deep left center. It was perfectly placed between culberson and white, both of whom dove to attempt to play on it, resulting in the collision. The ball bounced away into the fence. Garcia scored. Mannick went to third, coulberson chase down the ball, white lay on the field and pain a couple minutes on the ground. White left the game while holding his right arm, which looked like it may have been broken in the collision. If that's the case, white is likely out until mid August, and that is not good. Brad Mc Miller, in the last position player on the bench, had to come into the game, moving to right field by cool count and shifted the center. A single brought home mindic as the time run and everything suck. Marlow retired the next two banners to end the innings in Dull S. Garcia single to start the twelve, putting his Zombie Corey seeger at third and then stole a second, eliminating the double play possibility. Cold Calhoun hit sharp GRUND ER RIGHT AT Z a Brey ambre him at first, vexing us all as it was a ball in the ground and play, which we wanted so the runner could score, but because it got to a brave you so quickly, the runners could move up. Jonah him came up next and quickly got down. Owen too. I was frustrated...

...and bitter at this point. The Rangers had blown at three run lead and extras. Eli White was hurt. Now Texas and runners on the second and third and no one now and weren't going to score. In Chicago would score in the bottom of the evening for a walk off win. I could see it all clear as day. And then him turned on a four steamer up in the zone and ripped it into right field for a single. Seeker scored and Allas came home. The throw wasn't plenty of time, but catcher, it's the vall I got turned around a bit and it allus essentially ran around him looted the tag. It was called safe, giving the Rangers eight and six lead, and the play was reviewed and confirmed. The last bit of weakness came in the bottom of the twelve. Kolbe Allard, who was who, has the broadcast noted, hadn't pitched in two weeks, and that was for round rock, was asked, as the last picture standing in the pen, to preserve the lead. After fanning a brave I learned had Jake Burger at the plate. Burger hit him all those hard enough off the bat and in the air, and I was sure it would be a game tying home run. My stomach sink by Nope, Burger got under it in Culberson was able to settle under it deep left field to make the catch. Leise Robert Zombie runner decided for some reason to tag up and go to third, even though there were two outs and he wasn't even the tying or winning run. Culberson through the third. Robert made it the third in time, beating the throw, but in finishing his slid slide he took his foot off the base. Duran, who had plod the tag initially, followed up and got his glove on Robert Again, or Rubbert was called out, the game was over. Well, technically a game wasn't over until there was a boot review that resulted in the play standing. What a long, weird game to in a five hundred road trip. Road trip is over and the Rangers have returned home to play the strows. And now we're going to take a look at the...

...minor league update for today, when Ston Santos started for the D E W D's and had not his best outing is. He allowed a pair of home runs and five point two innings pitched, with seven runs total scoring against them. HANDRO ASSUMEDA had a pair of hits and a pair of stolen base bases. Daniel Mateo had a pair of hits and one stolen base. Marcus Smith had a hit in a stolen base. Maximo and Costa had a hit two walks of a stolen base. For Hickory, Mason Englert started in five innings, allowing a pair of runs while striking out six and walking one. Evan Carter had a hit. Luis Singel Lacuna had a hit, walking two stone bases. The rough riders had Jack Lighter Start and go an inning, lowing two hits while striking out one. Jonathan or Nolis was three, four four with a triple. Justin foscue and Dustin Harris each had hits. Cole Win started for Round Rock and had a better outing than he has been having of late, allowing a pair of runs and four point one innings pitched on four hits in a walk, striking out for went through sixty four pitches, forty two of which were strikes. Mose a LA clerk face three batters and through four pitches, with the results being a ground out, a single and it catchers interference. Jason Barrow Walk Three, Struck out three and gave up a homer while allowing two runs, two point one inning pitches innings pitched. Excuse me, the Marcus, I've been struck out too and an inning of work. Bubba Thompson had a walk in a double. Nick Sol I kind of walk in a single. They don't need to. Varius was not in the lineup, but a round rock game started before Eli White's injury, so wasn't a matter of Veris not playing, but because the Rangers needed a replacement on the roster for White. Let us know your thoughts on and what you've noticed...

...on my leagues this season for the Rangers. Come in the common section below. Of course, let us know what you thought about our previous topic on Sundays unusual victory and before we move on, gives the thumbs up. If you like a video, hit the subscribe button and hit the bell notification button to be notified a future videos from talking Texas Rangers. Well further ADO. We move on to our who's hot who's not list the testas Rangers had a very weird series in Cleveland. First, the forecast push Monday's game and a double heater on Tuesday, and Rangers weren't ready for that first game, losing six and three after John Gary had a bad start. However, in the second game of the double header, Taylor hern showed why he belongs in this starting rotation by coming out and getting aggressive against the Guardians. That was probably the best start he has had all season, long a date, as the Rangers went on to win six and three. Once again on Wednesday, raging in the forecast just had to be the center intention in the last game in the series, causing at two hour delay. I don't blame the Rangers for losing the final game of the series, for no having to sit two hours and come back to win a game afterwards just didn't work out on Wednesday night. So let's move on to the list of WHO's hot, beginning with Steal Walker. Let's start off with the play there. It was about to make the Rangers millions and merchandise. Steve Walker it's called up for Sunday's game against the Seattle mayres. You know, he didn't get a hit in the first song game. He did get a home run in Cleveland and the first game of a double header. I don't know how much long still will be up with the Rangers, but at least he got his first hit and home run out of the way with one swing in the bat. Ezekiel Duran, it's another player who's hot, another one of the top prospects in the organization,... called up on June fourth after Josh Smith went down with a shoulder injury, which would be zee kill Duran, who was acquired in that Joey gallow trade along with Walker. Duran, also had a good week, getting his first hit and home run of his career. Then Marcus Simeon, Marcus Sing me and is trying to win over vans after signing that huge contract, and had a great start to that effort this week. Twenty Nine Bets Simeon and had twelve hits, including five of home runs and five rbis this week. Can't wait to see how he will do at home next week against the Astros. Like I said at the beginning of this segment, Taylor hearne showed up against Cleveland in a big way. In five point two earning innings. Excuse me, he struck out six, only allowing three runs four hits. That was probably the most aggressive I've seen him pitch this season. If we see more this from him, he will not leave the rotation. Next up, Eli White. Yeah, apparently must have seen my last weekly report and wanted to get back in the top list again. He robbed the Guardians of a huge extra base hit in the bottom of the first inning. He then made another on the opposite side of the field later on in the game. Then he made one final catch in the ninth ending, just when I thought we were about to have extra innings. But with that other way saddenly, we've come to this part where we must address WHO's not hot, starting off with Josh Smith. Well, he did have a good week after being called up. He went down with an injury that will probably keep my line up for a while. I feel bad for him because he was doing so well. Third Bait before. Hopefully he covers. Well, we'll be back on his feet in a bit. Next up, Matt I push. When you blow a game late and give the other team to win, you will end up on the WHO's not hot list. At Bush had the opportunity to and game against the Mariners on Sunday and blew that chance. Personally, don't know why...

...he's still on the team anymore. Next up, Corey seeger. Seeger had a rough we get the plate, striking out six times and only getting five hits. I expect more from Seeker, considering the huge contract he signed with the Rangers. During the offseason, but hopefully he can turn around this week like we said they were. They just rep a series against Chicago and now aren't currently in a series against Houston at home, and now we're going to drink potential two thousand and twenty two all stars for the Texas Rangers. A lot of money was invested in this season's Texas Rangers Roster, a whopping grand total of five hundred plus million one on the Lenders Owners Ray Davis and Bob Simpson. While the Rangers won the offseason, results have not been quite as good as people might have expected over two months in the two thousand and twenty two season. They aren't too terrible either, though. It's Texas finds themselves right in the mix for one of the three wild card spots. For now. A roughly average team won't produce many all stars at the end of the day, but the one or one who could be representing the Rangers in Los Angeles and July aren't necessarily the ones you would have expected hitting into two thousand and twenty two. Fan Balloting is officially open for the Midsummer Classic, so let's rank the potential Texas Rangers of Representatives that Dodgers Stadium next month, starting off with a near lock. Martin Perez. What else needs to be said? He's having an unbelievable season. It's the day facto ace Texas Rangers. Two Thousand and twenty two rotation, one hundred and fifty, sixty Larad and eleven starts. He's even coming off an a l picture of the month ACC layed in May. He's nearly a lot to represent the rangers in Los Angeles next month. Fans don't vote for pictures, but it would be hard for me to believe Perez isn't going to be selected for the Aluster, given that...

...he's been one of the League's best to this point, once top prospect in the Rangers Organization. For is it certainly pitching like that in his return to Texas? He's a new man and should crack the All star team for the first time in his eleven year career. Next up in the mix jona him, Nathaniel Low, Joe Barlow, Rock Burke and a Dallas Garcia. Of this group, jonahim would be the most likely anest all star, giving his seven hundred and ninety two. Not, excuse me, seven hundred and ninety two opus in seven home runs, both of which rank among the league leaders at the catcher position. The only catcher with more long balls in the als Toronto's Danny Janssen. He's also the only catcher in the Ale who's been flat out better overall than hiding the season. With enough fan boating, I could see him making the All star team as a reserve. That's for the others. Low is having a solemn year, but solid isn't usually enough to win the day with fan boating. Marlow and Burke are pitchers and therefore aren't selected by fans, but I've both been reliable enough to marry consideration for the Ale roster for their performances out of the bullpen. Garcia was a two thousand and twenty one all star, but has not been as good in two thousand and twenty two, making unlikely he gains a second consecutive appearance, though it's of course possible. And next up we have probably not making the All Star game, Corey Seeger, Marcus Simeon, John Gray, Mitch Garber, goal Calhoun. Would you look at that list of names above? Nearly comprises that made your accumuisitions made by the Rangers prior to this season, and none of them are going to be all stars in two thousand and twenty two. Disappointing,...

I suppose so, especially when it comes to the money. Seeker and Simeon both received the middle nnal feel infielders are struggling over all at the plate. Latner has been heating up of late. Still, baliant effort won't be nearly enough when both are their best. Seagur and Simeon or are easy all stars, and we hope to witness return to that form in two thousand and twenty three. As for gray, garber and Calhoun, it's been much of the same. As see me in Sir Seeger, just underwhelming. None of these players deserve the represent the Rangers at Dodger Stadium next month. Let us know in the common section below. Who Do you think should be on the Rangers all star or who should represent, I should say, the Rangers all stars. And if, as always, if you want to support the chain lead, can buy us a coffee at bind me, a copycom tea tea rangers. Your support helps to chill and grow a great are equipment, bringing new hosts, be able to pay them, pay our writers and as always, give us a thumbs up on the video. If you like our content, subscribe to the channel Ghet that bell notification button you not to find the future videos and, as always, thank you so much for watching and listening. We will see you next time. This has been the talk in Texas Rangers podcast. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered by tweeting us at talking tx Rangers or liking us on facebook at facebookcom forward slash talking Texas Rangers. As always, thank you for listening and go rangers.

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