Talkin Texas Rangers
Talkin Texas Rangers

Episode 17 · 5 months ago

Jon Gray Announced as Opening Day Starter


Opening Day is just a week away and the Texas Rangers have finally announced Jon Gray as their starter for Opening Day. We also take a look at the latest Spring Training moves and dealings. We wrap up the show by discussing Nick Solack and reviewing the year he had in 2021. Join us and leave us a review. 



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...string of new opening day starters that goes back over a decade. Kevin Millwood started on opening day for four straight years two thousand and six to two thousand and nine, but well wood was in Baltimore in two thousand and ten, Scott filman got the start instead. Since that date rangers have not used the same starting pitch around opening day and consecutive seasons and only one pitcher, call hamials in two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and eighteen, has more than one opening day start for Texas. Gray was the rangers big offseason pitching acquisition, but Texas signing him away from the rockies on a four year, fifty six million dollar deal. Given the rest of the rotation, I think that was the expectation all along. But it is official now and let us know the comments blow. Do you think it was the right move? To Start John Gray, or should they have started somebody else? Let us know who you would have started. And now on to our next topic, Texas Rangers. Twenty two years streak you illustrates how good the rangers are at avoiding arbitration. When it comes to arbitration, there's almost no team better at handling it, and the Texas Rangers Two Thousand and twenty two marked the twenty two consecutive year in which the franchise did not go to arbitration with its players, a feat that is nothing short of impressive. That means the rangers haven't intended it arbitration hearing since two thom when they last did so with Lee Stevens. This is a feat that is nothing short of impressive, and it only looks better in the context of MLB and the MLBPA having just endured months of labor stale me before finally agreeing on a new CBA to let this season commits. Before that, the two sides had a spat over how to precede with the pandemic shortened two thousand and twenty season. Only four players on the Texas Rangers were eligible for arbitration this season, including Mitch Garber. Willie Calhoun, Brett Martin, Tailor hern and all of them settled. But the young team like the... rangers have, it's likely inevitable that teams arbitration streak will end, especially as some of the prospects that come up perform will and demand that they get paid their worth during their pre free agency years. All four players Texas settled in two thousand and twenty two will be crucial to any on field success this season. GARBER is projected starting catcher for the Rangers after being acquired from the twins for as a a Keneer FLIFA and pitching prospect Ronnie Henriquez. Calhoun is being given one last chance at redemption after so many injury plague seasons. Though is bad is solid when healthy. Tailor here is a bona fide starting rotation candidate after breaking out the second half of two thousand and twenty one. Brett Martin is one of the Rangers most reliable bullpen arms, as well as a potential trade candidate down the line. Now that contracts and sellers have been addressed, the Taxas Rangers can turn their full focused and a new season that lies ahead and, as always, hit that thumbs up button. If you like the video, subscribe to our channel and let us know in the common section below and eat topics do you want covered, and, as always, you can follow us an all major podcast platforms. Now moving on to our next topic, rangers option Duran to various REX and reassign seven. That spring training continues, more cuts for being made from the major league camp. The Texas Rangers have optioned out fielder miodi to varis and Infield is Zekiel Duran to triple a, round rock and Doaa Frisco. It was announced the Rangers also reassigned seven players on minor league deals from the Major League camp to the Minor League camp. Sending down to Varius at Duran isn't exactly surprising to Paris had a sh shot to make the opening day roster. The WEAS was expected and likely start the year at Round Rock, while the Ryan started the year at Frisco was a given. However, it's worth noting that Chris Woodward expressed displeasure with the pair combining for a play where Leodi made a pour through in the infield...

...and duranded a poor job fielding a throw, allowing what would turn out to be the winning run and yesterday's game to score. The timing in the move leads me to wonder whether there's a message being sent with a decision or if he could just be that they were going to send them out today. anyways, the seven players who are announces being reassigned to their minor league camp or Josh Smith, Davis Winzel, Bubba Thompson, Danio Robert, Chase Lee, Matt Wantley and just he sus Tanoko. Woodward mentioned yesterday that Smith had had a strong enough camp to make the Rangers at least think about him as a possible opening day roster option. Smith and Winzel will reportedly be sharing shortstop and third base duties at round rocks start the season and given the uncertainty surrounding the third base job, both Winzel and Smith will potentially have the opportunity to play in the big leagues sooner than expected with a strong start in AAA. Bubba Thompson has also impressed in camp, earning praise for his improved approach at the plate. He would seem likely to also start the year in Aripaa and, given the current state of the Rangers Outfield, if he plays well in AAA, there will be opportunities for him in the big leagues this year, most likely. Daniel Robert is a righthanded reliever who impressed in spring training and was apparently a play player that the team was concerned about potentially losing the rule five draft before the rule five draft this year was canceled. I'm just sing. He starts the year Frisco but could be around rock. Chase Lee, I think y'all know about Funky Rady. You leave, you could move quickly. Like Robert, I guess he starts at Frisco, but there's a possibilities at round rock. John Blake says they are now forty eight active players on major league camp and he would be in a position to know. Zack racks is also been option today. Let's say your thoughts in the comments section below about all these moves. Where they were right moves? Would you have kept some of them in the Rangers Line up for opening day? Let us know.

And now where are there? Topic Two thousand and twenty one year and Review Nick Selec. We're going to take a look and Nick stoles two thousand and twenty one season, but first we'd like to remind you to check out our sponsor punds. You can visit Punexcom and use Broo Code and Larry Twenty one for ten percent off your order. And now on to Nick Selec two thousand and twenty one was a disappointing season at the major league level pretty much across the board. While the team was expected by everyone, including the organization, to be bad, I hope was that some young, unproven players would take strides forward, establishing themselves in rotation or is regulars or is reliable relievers. Guys would show that they were pieces the team could, if not build around, at least count on to be contributors going forward. And from that standpoint, two thousand and twenty one was a letdown. Sure, a few players showed they were worth worthy of major league jobs. Dying dunning looked like a guy who, if he's healthy, pens a lot, end up back of the rotation for the next half decade. John King will, I'm, a lengthy major league career if his arm holds up at the annual lows, I guess second division regular. But there were no breakouts, no guys who left down and establish them selves as potential corner stones, and a number of guys who you were thinking could at least meet the Nathaniel low second division regular flopped in two thousand and twenty one, putting the question whether they are going to be major leaguers going forward. which brings us to the sad case of Nick Stolac, choir from the Tampa Bay rays, in the middle of two thousand and nineteen for Pete Fairbanks. SOLAC came to Texas with a scouting reports that said he was a capital each hitter with high makeup and questions about a defensive position. It was each team moving a piece from position at depth, but the rays dealing from what was a glut of upper and level in fielders to get a relieverhere they felt could fortify the major league pain in the midst of...

...a playoff firm, and the rangers moving one of their myrion of hard throwing writing relievers for a bat. They hope they could be a plug and play option for the line up. So like hit the ground running for Texas in two thousand and nineteen, in two hundred and ninety three, three hundred and ninety three, four hundred and ninety one, or thirty three games, while playing some d h some third base and some second base. There were high hopes for Slak in two thousand and twenty and while second base, the position selact played coming through the minors, was occupied by road in no door, there was room in the afy old for SELAC. Two Thousand and twenty did not go well for Nick Solak, and I didn't go well for the Rangers in general either. But it particularly didn't go well for Solak, playing a mixed of left field, center field, second base with a smange in, a third base and DH sprinkled in. SOLAC didn't hit credit, leaving a line two hundred and sixty eight, three, twenty six, three, forty four and fifty eight games. But it was the covid nineteen season and things were weird. It was just a couple of months of action. We can give him a bet bit of a mull again over two thousand and twenty right. Two Thousand and twenty one, though, wasn't any better for SLAK. It started off well the Rangers, as I nated Odora for assignment right before opening day, opting to make Sulac the everyday second baseman. Solak tour shit up for the first monthshing two, ninety three threehere and seventy five, five hundred and thirty five in April. So like at a five hundred and eighty seven ops and May, eighteen ops in June, then a four hundred and forty three ops in July. The Guy who, if nothing else, was always going to hit, wasn't hitting at all. Rangers finally went ahead and sent solnk down in late July, though it was a move that maybe should have come a fair amount earlier, particularly with the reports indicating that select struggles were affecting in mentally, making the downward spiral that much worse. Sol I spent a month in APAA before returning in late August, when the covid nineteen...

...outbreak among the rat injurers. Then the Major League rinks solacs to ninety three hundred and sixty seven, three hundred and eighty seven and thirty five games post promotion, not great, but better than what he did before he was sent down. So we come to two thousand and twenty two, one of those much dreaded Cross Road Seasons for Nick Selac at the age of twenty seven, as a guy with a profile of having limited defensive utility but the ability to hit SOLAC is going to start the year as a platoon left fielder, primarily facing lefthanded pitchers, and he's going to have to do something he hasn't done the past two years, actually hit particularly against lefties. For his career, SOLAC had a seven eighty eight ops against lefthander left handed pitchers, versus a six hundred and sixty seven ops against righthanders. Both splits are boosted by his two thousand and nineteen performance, but especially his performance against lefties, as he posted though one thousand plus opns against South Pause in two thousand and nineteen. He hit okay against them in two thousand and twenty and two thousand and twenty one, definitely better than you did against Righthanders, but not enough to make him a lefty mashup. What we heard about Solac in two thousand and twenty one said he couldn't hit anything but fastballs, which was true, at least to a point. SOLAC had, in two thousand and twenty one, three hundred and fifty Oba against fastballs, compared to two forty three against breaking balls in two hundred and thirty eight against off sweet pitches. Thing is, though, almost everyone hits better against fastballs. Among players with at least two hundred plate appearances ending in a fastball soulex, three hundred and Fifty Oba was one hundred twenty six out of two hundred and twenty four batters. That's clearly middle of the pack. Funny thing, though, if we take sinkers out of the mix and among players with at least two hundred PA against a four seamer cutter soles, three hundred and seventy nine. Seventy seven out of two of seven players sinkers, though. Solak struggled mightily against the sinkers, while his...

...actual results weren't terrible. It's two hundred and eighty seven. Obia was two hundred twenty nine out of two hundred fifty banners. He had at least fifty pas end in a sinker. Off Speed pitches killed Solac in two thousand and twenty one. He had a two hundred and twenty three. On OBIA and its hundred and thirty eight. OBIA was one hundred ninety nine out of two hundred and thirteen banners, with at least fifty PA's ending and off speed pitches. Breaking balls also bad, albeit not quite as bad. Two hundred and forty three obia one hundred seventy six out of two hundred and eighteen batterers with at least a hundred PAS. So SOLAC mashed four seamers and cutters and was helpless against everything else. Even in today's four seamur heavy year. That's not a recipe for success. Donny ECKER, the Rangers New Bench coach and offensive coordinator, did some great work in San Francisco, using some innovative concepts such as having batter take patting practice against actual game velocity pitches with movement. Maybe ECKER and timers, the Rangers new hitting coach, can help get select hold his own against pitches other than forcing fastballs. Whether that happens or not likely would determine what happens for Nixon neck major league career going forward. And that is all we have for this episode of talk in Texas. Rangers. Thank you so much for watching and listening. Be Sure to subscribe to the podcast on all major podcast platforms, spotify, audible, Amazon, Google podcasts, itunes. Check them up today and subscribe and leave us a review. Thank you so much for listening and watching. We'll see you next time. This has been the talk in Texas Rangers podcast. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered by tweeting us at talking t x Rangers or liking us on facebook at facebookcom forward slash talking Texas Rangers. As always, thank you...

...for listening and go rangers.

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