Talkin Texas Rangers
Talkin Texas Rangers

Episode 24 · 4 months ago

Eight Meaningful Games for the Texas Rangers


The Rangers are two games into their second* longest road trip of the season. They’ve split the first two games of the trip, and play two more against the Astros this weekend before heading to the West Coast for two games at Anaheim and four games against the A’s.

* It was going to be tied for the longest road trip of the season, but since the lockout scrambled the early season scheduling, the Rangers play a road game in Miami on the Thursday after the All Star Game before heading to the West Coast for ten games. Thanks, Manfred.



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He's really developing into a team player and offensive threat. I hope he continues it. Season carries on and late May and now on the WHO's not hot, and this hurts to say, after last week's at episode, Jack Lighter. Mr Lighters starting to realize that he isn't at enderbuilt anymore. Jack Lyner had his worst outing to date against the Tulsa drillers, as he was chased from the game only after one and two thirds innings. He gave up six runs, seven it's and has a four P forty three ear a through six starts. He needed this to remind himself that you want days like this when he gets to the majors. And of course he all might hate me to do hate me doing this, but the all powerful know us, know us. Snyder Guard started to do this to one of the best pitchers in the league, but it has to be done. Snyder guard was chased by the Rangers offense in the first inning, which is the first time the Rangers have done that this season. Just a reminder to our opponents. If you do something bad against the Rangers, as Snyderguard did, you could end up on the Texas Rangers weekly report. So right now the rangers are headed to the West Coast to play the angels from May Twenty Four to twenty five. And then on to our next topic. How five former rangers players are currently doing with their team, as as is par for the rebuilding course, the two thousand twenty two Texas Rangers look quite a bit different than they're two thousand and twenty one predecessors when it comes roster construction. The additions, of course, Seeger Simeon, John Gray, called Calhoun, Miller, Mark Praiz, Mitch...

Garb Garrett Richards alone count for nearly one third of the roster this year, all players who weren't here in two thousand and twenty one. With so much turnover, however, comes in reality at former regulars for the Texas Rangers donning other uniforms across baseball. Let's take a look at five prominent former Rangers from two thousand and twenty one how they're doing on their new clubs this year. Course, got a start the canter FELEFA. He was originally traded to the twins from Mitch Garb before quickly being flipped over to the Yankees. IKF is having a solid season and can stripes this far to seventy seven, three, twenty one, six hundred and fifty eight triple slash, is roughly in line with his career numbers at the plate, all mainly spending time at shortstop with New York. You're never going to get above average production from AKF, but you'll get a hard working, versatile player who gives us all day in and day out. He's a stop gap option for a team looking to plug a hole like the Yankees, but if the opportunity presents itself to upgrade Corey Seeger, you go for it, and that's exactly what the Rangers did. Next up bordon miles. Miles is the kind of player who somehow keeps landing jobs on professional ball clubs, yet rarely finds real success. He does have a val you, though. He's eating starts and innings in a rotation. He's doing just that for the oriels in two thousand and twenty two, with a four point three Arra and seven starts thus far, and ear a figure is actually an improvement over the one he's sported with the Texas Rangers in two thousand and twenty one, with an unsidly five point fifteen. Not to be lost at High Arra, was a career I of a hundred eighty innings pitch for the Rangers last year. That kind of pinability and durability isn't common in baseball...

...these days, and the wiles isn't missed in Arlington by any stretch. That kind of production can be at times can be at times during a long season. Next up, number three, Kyle Gibson. The Texas Rangers managed to turn Kyle Gibson into an ace during the first half of two thousand and twenty one and route to his first career into it his first career all star appearance, I should say, after being traded to the phillies at last July's deadline. He hasn't been able to repeat its Arlington success, although he has been solid in seven two thousand and twenty two starts, giving his four point ten year a one point twenty one whip, which are slightly better than his career starts but far below his first half last season, which saw Gibson with a y seventy year a one point eighteen whip in nineteen first half starts. Texas was right to trade the better the right hander. Well, his value would be higher than it ever was before. It never will be going forward. Next up, or Tervino, fan favorite in Texas, Jose Trevino was dealt to the Yankees just before the start the two thousand and twenty two season, as the Rangers already had Jonaheim and Mitch carbor in House for at the catcher position. Heavy his name, has never been known for his bat, and his four hundred and seventy opus forty seven in bath so far in the season reflect such a thing. But the veteran catcher provides value in other areas, most notably his leadership and pitch framing, both of which are also important attributes in the fabric of the game. Jonaheim and Mitch Garb are also strong defenders like Trivino, but both are hitting far better than Jose two thousand and twenty two, which is significant because having catchers I can both hit and play the position is a true asset for any big league team. Trivino isn't more than...

...a backup or put tune option on the diamond, but he's a great clubhouse guy. Let's know in the common section below. Of these players that we covered, it's are one that stands out that you think we should have kept and rode out, I guess his career with let us down the common section below. And now on two more news. The Rangers have option Nick Snyder. Nick Snyder and been option that AAA around rock. Xus Rangers Option Picture Nick Snyder that AAA around rock, as it was announced most recently today. No corresponding move has been made yet, as we're waiting on news for that. Snyder was called up on Friday me twenty to give the Rangers a fresh arm in the pin to replace Josh as Bores, who is sent down, if you're going one point one endings, on May nineteen. As it turned out, the Rangers didn't need to use their pain much three days after that and Snyder never gone into a game before being sent back down. Rangers were off on Monday before starting a two game set today in and II, or, yeah, Tuesday. I imagine the Rangers will announce the replacement for Snyder but, like we previously said, we haven't heard anything yet. My guess would be that the Rangers will call up a positional player. Zach Rex, who was up early this year, would seem what me to be like the likely choice. He's been down long enough they can now be recalled in. The Rangers would like to have him as a backup outfield or option on the bench. Iodi to Varis is a possibility, though he's cooled off after a hot start to the year and I guess the Rangers would like to keep him in Ariaa for now. Oder than REX and Leodi, the other position players...

...were on the forty man roster and not in the majors. Willie Calhoun, Nick Selec we're both recently sent down not likely to be back up in the near future, and Ezekiel Duran, who was with Frisco, not beast, would not seem to be someone they'd be calling up at this point. But a more serious option would probably be an Albert and Breu, who is on round rock and currently on a rehab assignment, so I'm guessing they would probably activate him, honestly. And now we're going to take a look at eight meaningful games for the Rangers coming up. The next eight games for the Rangers could have a significant impact on the rest of their season. Rangers are two games for their second longest road trip of the season. They split the first two games of the trip and play two more against the astor are they played, I should say, two more against the as shows this past weekend, before heading the West Coast for two games at Anaheim and four games against the A's. It was going to be time for the longest road trip of the season, but since the lockout scrambled the early season scheduling, the Rangers play a road game in Miami on Thursday after the All Star game, before heading to the West Coast for ten games. Thanks, Commissioner. The angels and Astra there battling for first place in the Al Als. I should say all the a's are rebuilding, though, playing better than I think many expected. The Rangers have an off day yesterday, just makes things a little easier on the pitching staff. They got its garber back from the IL, which helps the line up, even if you stuck to d h duty for now. An eighteen to twenty. The Rangers are also at as at least as a now putting up but respectable record there. undefferential is that five, which means...

...the record is about the same as what would be respected. With their runs scored in all out, and they'll be as a whole is scoring four point one seven runs per game. Majors are scoring four point sixteen runs per game and allowing four twenty nine per game, which puts them right around league average, at least without park adjustments. Given we are still figuring out the adjustments for the Rangers in New Park. Given we are dealing with the Mush Ball this year, I'm not going to worry too much about park adjustments right now. So after two after zero nine start, the rangers have slowly been digging themselves out of their big hole. They're currently to a place where you can say that they are decent, which isn't great, of course, but in this first year the expanded playoffs, when six teams per league will make the playoffs, decent may will be enough to get a team to at least the fringes of the playoff hunt. While we've been trained in recent heres to one our team to be either good or terrible and not in between. The expanded playoffs and the introduction of the draft lottery provide more incentive to strived be decent rather than terrible. I suspect that the organization will not expecting this to be a playoff team. Would like to see this team at least be on the fringes in the race late this season. I suspect the front office would like to have some some of the young players on the team get experienced playing meaningful, meaningful games in September, be doing something other than playing out the string over the final month or two. It's part of developing a winning culture they are striving for and I know ownership would like to see a winning record and some reason for fans to be enthusiastic heading in the two thousand and twenty three. I was mowing over all this. When looking at the rangers upcoming schedule, I try to break the schedule on the chunks, look at a particular upcoming stretch and consider what the Rangers might do and what they need to do... terms of wins and losses in order to meet their goals or my expectations, or what Happ you to me. The next eight Games are pretty meaningful for the Rangers in terms of what I think the organization is striving for this year. Really, the entire ten game road trip is pretty meaningful, but since the first two games of the tripper in the past, I'm just thinking and recording this episode now, we're left with eight meaningful games. Fixus has had more home games than Road Games this year, twenty two home games to Sixteen Road Games. That disparity is going to generally make it teams record better. That I'm more even split would even though the Rangers are actually five hundred on the road so far this year, ten and twelve at home. I'm going to trip like this team, like the Rangers. It's hoping to tread rock water not lose too much ground. A split of the next eight Games will be a successful outcome the rangers. All things considered, that would give the team a five hundred road trip, keep the team within spitting distance of five hundred. It would allow them to keep working their way back out of the early season hole they dog without making it too much bigger. Going three and five over the next eight just from an odd standpoint, that's probably the most likely scenario, would be an awful outcome. It would bring Texas back home at two thousand and twenty one and twenty five the stretch of four games against the race, three against the MS, three at Cleveland, three at the Chicago White Sox, where they could try to work their way back up to five hundred. Anything worse than three and five would be a significant disappointment. It wouldn't be exactly surprising, to be clear, but for the team that is aiming for respectability this season, that is wanting to show progress, it would be a disappointment. It does appear that the rangers are trading this trip as significant makes so lack was sent down, Mitch Carbo was activated rather than Josh as bars, as I expected. After all, on a thirty...

...the rangers are going after drop a picture and end up position player anyway. So, like having been terrible and now full on rebuild, you probably would have stayed up and continue to get playing time. Garb might have gotten another day or two on a rehab assignment. But the Rangers are trying to win right now and continuing to give soul like playing time to get straightened out wasn't viewed as a moved help them win. There's part of me that, thanks to its segmentation, is silly that a game is a game as a game. Thinking about these particular chunks isn't logical. And that may be so, but it's certainly feels to me that these next eight games aren't pretty, pretty meaningful, that come on Moorial Day, we all have a much better ideas to where this team is headed. So what's your take on topics we cover and let us know in the comments section. As always, like to thank our sponsor, pod decks. Check them out today at pod dexcom. Use Promo Code Larry Twenty one for ten percent off your order. Thanks so much for watching and listening. We will see next time,.

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