Talkin Texas Rangers
Talkin Texas Rangers

Episode 29 · 2 months ago

Adolis Garcia's 2022 Season Proving Breakout 2021 Was No Fluke


This week on The Talkin Texas Rangers Podcast:

  • Adolis Garcia's 2022 Season Proving Breakout 2021 Was No Fluke
  • Week 11: Who's Hot, Who's Not
  • Willie Calhoun trade to SF Giants a win-win for him and the Texas Rangers
  • Rangers option Hearn, Duran



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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the talking Texas Rangers podcast, where we dive into the latest rumors and news surrounding Texas Rangers Baseball. Welcome talking Texas Rangers podcast.

I am your host, leary lease. Today we're mean to latest news for Google, I feel, but first I can think our sponsor and game time. You're looking for the best place to buy tickets the next Rangers game with great customer service and the best prices. You're going to want to check out game time. Link will be in the description. If you use that link you can help support the show. So on to today's first topic. In Dula Scarcia is two thousand and twenty two season. It's proving last year was a fluke. People under doubts about, including Texas Rangers fans, about whether Dynamic outfielder Adula Scarcia could repeat his breakout rookie season in two thousand and twenty... a second year player. In Two thousand and twenty two, and he has twelve to the doubts pretty easily with fifteen home runs and it's seventy six ops. Heading in the Sunday's game against the nationals. He's on pace two clips at thirty one homers. He swept, or he swatted, I should say, in two thousand and twenty one, the year that made him an all star. He also had eleven stolen bases, putting him on on potential pace for thirty thirty season, a feet not seen on the rangers since he and Kinseler back in two thousand and eleven. And as far as this flier for the dramaticos, Yep, Garcia has got that too. The twenty nine year old is who you would call a late bloomer, as he burst on the scene as a twenty eight year old rookie last year. His advanced age made some question if Garcia would be too old to form part of a future winning corn Texas, but disability to keep playing at a high level means of rangers should keep them around. This is a specially true given that the organization... isn't exactly a hotbed of help field talent right now. Garcia won't wow you with his on base skills. With a career OBP of two hundred and eighty five, though, he hasn't proved his plate discipline in two thousand and twenty two positive sign going forward. His big time power, elite defense and speed on the base paths have all more than made up for the lack of on base skills. He's also a fan favorite for the way he plays the game with energy and swag. Having that energy on the field can change the dynamic on the field and the stadium, aspects which can't be qualified in statistics. Sure he'll never beat my trout wokie bets, Bryce Harper or Aaron Judge, but you be Ritt missed to say you would want to have a dollas Garci on your team. He's proving to us in two thousand and twenty two. Two Thousand and twenty one could have been just a tip of the iceberg. Let us know in the common section below what do you think about Garcia is season so far? And, of course, before we move on, hit that combs up button if you like a video, subscribe to the channel...

...for more content on the Texas Rangers and if you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffee and buy me a COFFEECOM TT rangers. Your sport helps the channel Grow Up, grannery equipment, bringing new host create new shows and even better content, be able to pay those new hosts and hopefully one day take this show on the road. We don't love to honestly stream alive from Google life field. That's one goal we have in R support can help me make that happen. And now, of course, onto our weekly report. The Texas Rangers have funds a day weekend series in Detroit. It did not go as planned. The Rangers ended up splitting the series with the Tigers too and two. The Rangers did return home, I should say, for a quick two game series with the Philadelphia phillies and swept them in from the home craft. The Rangers had to make a couple of demotions. This week and of course we'll mention those in our weekly report. So first..., on the WHO's hot, we get the Rangers Minor League system. The minor league system had one heck of a week. We had multiple triples, that grand slams hit this past week. The Rangers futures a bright. Fans should be very excited with the depth we have at the Rangers disposal. Next up, Nathaniel low. Low has been pretty consistently getting on basis week, which the Rangers need right now. In the last week low has had six hits for our BIS and home run. With him being on a one year arbitration deal and if you continues making an impact on the field, could you be available to tradeline trade deadline and make room for Josh Jones next season? Rangers have a big decision to make if teams call about him. And Martin Perz Partes is showing why he was named the American League picture of the month again. The two games he started this week he is eleven keys and all allow out one run, and that was against the Tigers. Once again,...

...the Rangers will have another their tough decision at the trade deadline whether to keep Perez or trade him all this, trade stock is high. If you go up here, we have a video actually Carley last episode, discussing what they should do with the trade deadline, so you can check it out right here. Next up, Josh Smith. It was announced on Tuesday that Josh Smith was activated from that ill after he injured his shoulder earlier in this month. Even though we didn't make much of an impact this week, since just returning on Tuesday, it's great to see him back on the field this weekend for this weekend's home series against the nationals. John Gray. He had another fantastic week on the mound as a Texas Ranger. The two games that he started, he only allowed two runs and struck out on eleven banners. We're finally seeing the John Gray that we expected when he signed a huge contract during the offseason. Sometimes you just got to give a player time before he shows results in yes. Now we got to deal with the an elephant in the..., and that is WHO's not hot. First Up, tailor her after allowing Detroit to score eight runs off at him, which is a season record for the Tigers, the hearn starting pitcher experiment might be finally coming to an end. Earn must move back to the bullpen, where I do believe he has a future in this league. There, of course, we do have it. But some news about that that will discuss later on. Next up, Willie Calhoun. Was announced on Thursday that Texas Rangers would be trading Willie Calhoun to the giants for Outfield and the outfield Stephen Douger. In cash considerations. I'm actually surprised that we were able to find a trade partner for Calhoun's contract, but the Rangers did it and I wish Welli the best as it looks to restart his career with the giants. Next up, Dang dounning. I can't. I can tell you it wasn't dame time on Father's Day this...

...past Sunday is he had a terrible game, even though we only allow for hits. Those hits resulted in five and runs, putting the Texas Rangers out of a chance of winning the series and destroy in Detroit. Excuse me, he's starting to look like Taylor Herne, where he has an excellent outing followed by a bad one. That's something that Rangers of fames should be very concerned about and starting today, for the next three days. The Rangers have a way series against the Kansas City royals. And now on to our next topic. But of course, before we do that, let us know in the common section below. Did we miss anybody in the WHO's hot WHO's not list? Let us don't comment section below. Give us here take. But now on to our next topic. Willie Calhoun's trade was a win. Is A win, win for the Texas Rangers and Calhoun himself. And it's the end of when you're in Arlington in a sad day, as Texas Rangers announce that...

...they traded help fielder and DH woely Calhoun in cash considerations to the San Francisco giants and any change for help the older Stephen Dog. Are To say, things didn't go as playing with Calhoun and Rangers would be severely understating what transpired between the two sides. Wants a high ceiling prospect bringming with potential. The twenty seven year old was considered to be the prize of the two thousand and seventeen. You, Darvish, swap the Los Angeles dodgers. Yeah, so much for that. All is not lost, though, as Texas still has picture AJ Alexei also acquired in the darvish deal in the miners and they picked up a serviceable player in his own right. Stephen Douger is a return for Calhoun. Now donning black and orange, Texas Rangers close the Book Gun The you Darvis trade by trading with like Calhoun to the giants. Injuries marred Calhoun's chances of every succeeding in Texas and he is never able to replicate a sullent two thousand and nineteen campaign which he slugged twenty one homers along with eighty four,...

...eight, four seven ops, even if he ends up thriving with the giants, which is quite possible, just know that it wasn't going to pin out for the bay area native as a member of the Rangers. The break up benefits both Calhoun and the Rangers, as the former gets his change of scenery and can now have a homecoming of sorts, while the latter can use Dogar as a fourth outfield. There I can to Eli Whites Roll. Before he went down with injury. Doug are was hitting just one hundred and ninety four prior to straining is Oblik, but he's not expected to be a starting outfielder. If you're underwhelmed by Dougar, and I don't blame you. There consider that getting something of value for Calhoun, who's previously disgruntled, is actually a win for the Rangers, as opposed to simply kipping in and granting in his release or nothing in return, like Ben the book, because that closed on the U Darvish trade with it not very successful for the Rangers. But...

...that chapter is behind us well, a new one has opened, so now we gotta wait and see now this new deal shapes up moving forward. And now on to our next topic. Tailor hearne and is Zekiel Duran are heading around rock. The Rangers have optioned picture tailor hern infielder is ekil Duran the AAA round rock, the team announced, while the official moves to replace Herne and Duran on the active roster will be officially announced later. Barring something exceptional, the team will be activating Glenn Otto from the Covid I know, and adding the just acquired Stephen New Guard the roster. The Rangers also announced that Spencer Patton, who is designated for Sim on Thursday, when the Rangers acquired Stephen and had to add him to the forty met roster has cleared waivers and been assign Outright Aripaa round rock. The Rangers will to make another move to...

...clear a forty man spot for Otto when he's a activated for later this week. Duran was called up from Domla Frisco replaced Josh Smith, with Smith went on the injured list. Duran has a respectable to fifty eight to eighty one hundred forty thirty five line, but has slow after a hot start to his major league career. The Rangers were going to be hard pressed to get playing time for both Smith and Duran, given that Duran was called up to Phil and while Smith was out. His being sent down to make room for Tigar seems like the most likely move. Decision to send down here and to clear a roster spot for Otto is surprising. And had previously been announced that heren would be pitching out of the bullpen this weekend and was expected to pitch this past weekend, so it appeared that he wasn't likely to being likely to be in the rotation going forward. Still, I thought hearn would stay on the active roster, with either Brett Martin or John King being sent down. However, with the Rangers not needing a fifth starter again until July. Fit and...

...with here and having gone forty nine pitches here and ended up being the O man out, hearn through for shut out, no hit innings against the nationals, but generated just for swings and Mrs Striking out just one batter against two walks, and his command was once again less than ideal. So for the time being the Rangers will have a nine man bullpen again and we will see what's July fifth roles are on what the plan is for that fifth spot and rotation. Let us know in the comment section. Low what did you think about Taylor? Do you think the Rangers made the right decision? And, of course, please follow us on good cons you can find us an all major podcast platforms. Give us a review and, if you want to support the show by US company, buy me a COFFEECOM SLASH TTR TT rangers.

That's buy me a COFFEECOM SLASH TT rangers. Your supporting helps the channel grow. As always, thank you so much for watching and listening. We will see you next time. This has been the talk in Texas Rangers podcast. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered by tweeting us at talking t x Rangers or liking us on facebook at facebookcom forward slash talking Texas Rangers. As always, thank you for listening and go rangers,.

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