Talkin Texas Rangers
Talkin Texas Rangers

Episode 18 · 5 months ago

5 Bold Predictions for 2022


Every year at this time, there’s optimism. A fresh start for all 30 MLB teams. But for the Texas Rangers, some of that optimism may be justified. Coming off an off-season that saw the team splurge on top free agents, as well as improving the roster in general, the Rangers are set to begin the 2022 season with higher expectations than 2021, yet still not reaching the point of contention. That looks to be on the 2023 agenda. This and more on the newest episode of Talkin Texas Rangers. 



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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the talk in Texas Rangers podcast, where we dive into the latest rumors and news surrounding Texas Rangers Baseball. Hello and welcome to talk in Texas Rangers, your home for all things Texas Rangers News. I'm your host ARY release, and we are just moments away from opening day for the Texas Rangers. Before we dive into the latest topics, when I can think our sponsor, game time. With opening day just around the corner, we'd like to remind you that the best place to get tickets is a game time. Me, firsonally, I always go to game time for tickets, I find the best deals. They've got the best customer service. I never had an issue using a ticket I received from game time. Check them out today and help support the show. The link is in the description. And now on to our first topic. Five bold predictions for the two thousand and twenty two season. Coming off an offseason that saw the team splurge on top free...

...agents, as well as improving the rest in general, the Rangers are set to begin that two thousand and twenty two season and higher expectations in two thousand and twenty one. Yet still no reaching the point of contention. That looks to be on the two thousand and twenty three agenda for now, for ready for an exciting season ahead. These are five bolt predictions for this season's Taxas Rangers. Number one, Corey seeger and Marcus Simeon combined for at least sixty home runs. They ranked in the hundreds of millions in free agency. Now it's time to watch it payoff. Corey seeger and Marcus Simeon secure long term contracts from Taxas Rangers and Free Agency, and the two will form the middle of the team's in field for years to come. It was a legitimately thrilling to see John Daniels and Chris Young client not one but to the markets top shortstops, seeger and see me, and are easily capable of hitting thirty or more home runs apiece. Given our offensive talent. That's the primary reason bost stars were brought into bolster line up in desperate need of big hitters. The main issue with siegers health, while seeming, is a beacon of consistency. If it too can stay on the field most of the season together, the sky is a limit for both guys. In number two and number two, nathaniel low will have a breakout season. He's always had big time potential. In Two thousand and twenty two is the year and what which he low will finally make good on it. Quiet from the rays. In Two thousand and twenty low had solid but it's und spectacular first season in Texas with eighteen home runs and a seven hundred and seventy two ops. He's contact skill are better than you think, as he hit two hundred sixty four and two thousand and twenty one. I'll never be mistaken for a contact hitter. However, the one week spintal those games is defense. which is less than stellar first base, but based on the kind of year were predicting twenty six year old to have in two thousand and twenty two, that shouldn't be a problem. Low always hits the ball hard and has sneaky good play discipline. If you can...

...really hone in on those attributes and eliminate some of this bad tendencies, like chasing high fastballs and hitting balls on the ground rather than in the year, he's going to enjoy a breakout year. Pencil low in for around twenty five to thirty homers as one of the big boppers in this improved Texas Rangers of line up, and number three, Spencer Howard, establishes himself as a legitimate rotation piece. After being traded to the Rangers in two thousand and twenty one, Howard struggled, posting a nine point seven zero eara down the stretch and continuing along the same trajectory that had plagued him with the phillies. Once a former top pitching prospect, Howard still has that within them. The talent never left. He may never become an ace, but he doesn't need to be in Texas, not with Jack Lighter and Cole Win on the way, not with ricky even Nasco and Ollen white also waiting in the wings. And then alone should be a difference maker for Howard in two thousand and twenty two. Knowing the pressure is off still, the Rangers need to see Howard step up in two thousand and twenty two to validate the decision to swamp Hans grouse for him last summer. Based on the spring training he's had, improvement could be eminent. Across seven point two Spring Innings, the twenty five year old had nine strikeouts and a sparkling two, three five Eara. Best of all, just two walks. Control has given Howard tremble over his career, so it's nice to see him rain is stuff in more the spring, Watch Howard's development. The season is Texas continues to bring him along and number four Taylor here becomes a number two star in the rotation. The Rangers have already hinted at this by giving hern the start for the home opener against the Colorado Rockies, but his development will continue all season. Last season, and it's injuries and covid he stepped into a rotation spot and delivered quickly, gaining Chris woodwards trust and becoming a staple down the stretch for the chus. Texas loves his competitive... and his stuff isn't so bad either. Arguably his rotation spot last season, but this season he's going to take his game up a notch, rocketing up the depth chart to second starter behind John Gray, and if he keeps pitching well, there's no reason to believe anyone will supplant him from that spot this season. Finally, number five, at least three top or ten organizational prospects will make their MLB debuted this year. Here's one that will excite Texas rangers pains. The future is here and it's bright. It's fully expected that the team will promate, promote some of their top prospects in the coming years. Is this rebuild finally starts to bear fruit, and I believe some of these young, top talents will graduate to the big leagues as soon as this year. Among them should be cold when Josh H Smith, Josh Jona in a twist, one of Justin foscue or Dustin Harris will make their big league debut in two thousand and twenty two. If I had to guess which of Foscue or Harris will debut this year. My money would be on the ladder, given his meteoric rise of foscue's Tara High Hickory last summer shouldn't be ignored. Both Foscu and hairs will start this season at double a frisco, meaning they're both somewhat close to making it. Tarly ten there for by seasons en. Don't be surprised if one of these talented position players makes even just a brief cameo at globe life field in a game. Before we move on, let us down the common section below. Which of these prospects do you think will make it to the MLB this year? And now on to our next topic, greeting the Texas Rangers signings in trades. Most exciting Rangers offseason in franchise history is coming too close. Finally, after a grueling four months of being restricted of a lot of offseason content, we've been able to soak in spring training and there is clear, definitive proof that the rangers have fun new baseball players. There are a lot of moves it's offseason, some of them...

...good, some of them bad and some of them well in the middle. I'm taking a look a major transactions dealt by Chris Young and John Daniels, and how much, since they make heading into the two thousand and twenty two season and beyond. Now, take all this with a grain of salt. The Rangers have not played one regular season game with any of these dudes yet. So we're just taking a look at the potential these moves in whether they make sense, as they have. There might even be more moves before Friday's opening. You never know. So first off, shortstop Corey seeger and second baseman marcus seeming. What else can you say but an APLUS. What else needs to be said? Rangers through in the kitchen sink at to the top twenty players in the League and now have the best middle infield in the majors. See me in a seeker alone dramatically increase the team's offensive production. impersonally huge money ball believer. On base percentages of what will generate you wins. Three of the top six on base percentage clubs in two thou twenty one make their made their respectively championship series. At them as he might. Astros have finished in the top five and OPP every year since two thousand and seventeen, and it's Gotte them to five straight alcs appearances. Seeger and see me and alone make the Rangers Infinitely more enjoyable to watch. In offensively threatening. The last few years, many of the bright spots of the organization had a catch to them. Andrews and chew were good, productive veterans, but they were both well past their prime by the time two thousand twenty roll around. Joey gallows an elite player, elite plate discipline, Hitter Butt. He swings for power and strikes out more than the casual fan cares to enjoy. There's a corey cluber incident. Many fan favorites, including Jose Trivino, Lancelin Ikf and many more, have been dealt to improve the direction of the ball club. Taking sucks, losing sucks. Being the worst offense in the League really sucks.

But Corey seeger and Marcus Simeon are two extremely versatile hitters with leadership mentalities and plenty of baseball ahead of them in their careers. The former was a world series MVP and champion as recently as twenty twenty, the ladder literally and the best hitting season for a second baseman ever last year. The Rangers are tied of being a rollover franchise, and this was the first of many moves to get out of that run. And now we look at the acquisition of Mitch Garber, and I'M gonna go at B plus. He has the potential to be the best rangers hitting catcher since Mike Napoli now, the keyword being potential. If you don't know much about Mitch Garber, keep it short and sweet for you. He's had a myriad, myriad of injury problems throughout his career, but his two thousand and nineteen season was elite at the plate and he can swing for a lot of power. The team has heavily prioritized defensive catching in recent years, with guys like Robinson Sharinos, Jeff Mathis and Jose Trevino. There's nothing wrong with that in theory, but it's been a really long time since the Rangers had longevity in terms of hitting it out of their catchers. GARBER is going to be splitting a fair amount of time between catcher and dhen seater, which is good if you can stay on the field. His batchels upon the Rangers line up with plenty of power and run production. Since his breakout year in two thousand and nineteen garber has accumulated his line two fifty four, three, forty eight, five, hundred forty six, with forty six home runs and a hundred six R BIS in one hundred eighty four games during that time span. It's career hert hit rate is forty nine point six percent, and his swing turn out on on lifted balls. I know it's a dead horse for Garber at this point, but team just needs to him to stay healthy. Hundred Plus Games at three hundred seventy five ish at bats is the goal for him at this point and if the team receives that under him, I will provide massive benefits to the offensive production. And,...

...of course, what can be said at John Gray? We give them the acquisition of B the Rangers have their rotation ace and John Gray, after signing him to a four year deal November. Gray spent seven years with the rockies and broke out. It is one of the bright spots and a historically weak franchise when it comes a pitching is recently as two thousand and nineteen, gray was a four war player, striking out a hundred eighty plus batters in a season and thriving it found, as one can be expected to one pitching at five thousand feet. Entering his age thirty season, gray poses a low risk, high reward type player for the club. He struggled since two thousand and twenty, at least compared to some of his more promising seasons in two thousand and seventeen two thousand and nineteen. But pitching in a climate controlled setting could bring out some of his best stuff. He's eclipse two hundred fifty strikeouts four times in seven years. He's a career nineteen point seven percent of fly ball percentage pitcher. Will you see a resurgence and return to form in Arley ten if you can stay healthy after having had a variety of sporadic injuries around his career? That Rangers may get their answer and be pleased with it. And now Infield, or Brad Miller, which we give a beep. The Rangers need more guys who pimp flip home runs. Brad Miller is good at doing this. Miller will likely feel that Charlie Culberson Bruckhole utility roll of the team in two thousand and twenty two, and he'll do so with nearly a full season with major league experience under his built. Two Thousand and twenty one saw Brad Miller getting the most playing time that he's head since two thousand and seventeen. Is He at three hundred thirty one bats in a hundred forty games? Brad Miller is the epitome of a mixed bag type player. He strikes out a fair bit. Buddy crank twenty home runs last year in Philadelphia. When he makes contact, he has a lot of pop in his way. His career strike out rate is higher than the League average, but the same applies... all his walk Great Exit Velocity and rob a numbers. He's a lefty hitter that is capable of hitting will against right handed pitching. Is a hundred and six weighted runs created plus in two thousand and twenty one, ranked higher than every Texas ranger not named Joey gallow, nate low and Andy Ebon. Is Is he going to be a three hundred plus hitters backing home runs left and right? Probably not. Probably won't see much playing time once Josh Jones is healthy again. In the meantime we'll be able to split but tune time with ibanus at third base and get the Rangers at least a fair share of production in the bomb. Third Their lineup and now starting pitcher Martin Parrez. We're gonna it's to be tough, but I give this C plus move. The Rangers decided to reunite with old friend Martin Perez on a one year deal. I'll keep it short and sweet. And regards press, he hasn't really been anything about service, of I'm above serviceable, since two thousand and sixteen, two thousand and seventeen. Even then he's been wild. He hasn't posted a FIP below four hundred and fifty since two thousand and sixteen. His whip has skyrocketed in recent years and his career one hundred and eighty five ratio is vastly underwhelming. It's a C plus move because I think it's a decent filmer move for what it is currently a very thin rotation. John Gray and date Dane dunning are the only two guys with this very second can be expected to be regular rotation guys from the next three to four years. Taylor hearn has promise, but we need to see sustain success from him. Lighter and wind still have work to do in the minors and Alexie and Howard, among others, have yet to cement the room's Perez a good picture, far from it, but he can at least hold over a rotation spot not be actively bad in short term. Let us know your comments in the section common section below.

What do you think are some of the better moves that the Rangers made? Do you have any that you think we're bad? Let us so and now. Finally, John Gray look filthy in his final start before opening day. You'd be hard pressed to look more ready for an opening day assignment than John Gray did Sunday. The Rangers Start Friday in Toronto to kick off the regular season. What is mid was in midseason four and kept us the league play against the brewers. Gray finish the afternoon, but four runnings to walks, one earned run and six punch outs of brewers hit hitters. If you can pitch like this during the regular season, the rangels will certainly feel good about the four year, fifty million dollar contract they signed him to during the winter. The thirty year old is no ace, even if he is the fact of one in earnything this season, but he has the potential in develop and it was solid middle of the rotation fixture for years to come. There is history of tapping in the talent well of pictures and their s here resealing, including Kyle Gibson and Kennedy last season and Lanceolin and Mike Miner in seasons prior. It is an ideal like gray projects as the ace of this pitching staff, but hopefully internal improvements from Dan Dunning, tailor hearn, Spencer Howard and others will raise the caliber of the starting staff. The most glaring weakness remaining on the roster. But that sounds to say grey hasn't earned the opening day or nine he's slated to receive Friday against the Blue Jays. He's the picture on the team most deserving of it. Texas believes the future of their rotation of lies in the Myers with their stable of quality pitching prospects. So eventually gray figures to slot in as a veteran presence behind those young arms down the line. For now, though, Great Wolf looked every bit the part Sunday the honor that was bestowed upon him this season opening day starter for the Texas Rangers. And now on to the PUNDIC segment. Today's question is who... your favorite player of all time, and I have to go with for our new para, just because I think it's so funny. That is lock up song is baby shark, and I also like the fact that you use that song in honor MIS kid. But let us know in the comment section blow who you who is your favorite player of all time and is always be sure to subscribe to the podcast. I will meet your podcast platforms. You can sort port the show through paypal. Your support helps of channel grew higher. New hosts take the show on the root, perhaps recording episode live from the Rangers Game. What is always thank you so much for watching and listening. We will see you next time. This has been the talk in Texas Rangers podcast. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered by tweeting us at talking t x Rangers or liking us on facebook at facebookcom forward slash talking Texas Rangers. As always, thank you for listening and go rangers.

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