Talkin Texas Rangers
Talkin Texas Rangers

Episode 19 · 5 months ago

3 Solutions to Fix The Dreadful 2022 Texas Rangers Pitching Staff


The Texas Rangers are on a horrible start to the 2022 season. However, some believe its too early to panic. One major problem is the current pitching staff. This week I provide you 3 Solutions to Fix The Dreadful 2022 Texas Rangers Pitching Staff. I also dive into the latest minor league news and rumors.



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Well, this episode is power its. I pod as guest. I'm your hot decks are unique interview questions and episode starting bombs in the palm of your hands. Base. Whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster, I think listen to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations. You're going to want to check out pod decks. Now the roll. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you'll go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. Come. What's a code? Your favorite later. Are you twenty one? Yes, it's good as the Kyo. Best price and check out pod dexcom. Take your podcast to the next election and Roue marecket place game time will hook you up with a credit equal to a hundred and ten percent of the difference. I had great experience with game time. I would never walk into the talks to Texas riders podcast. Check them out, diving into the latest screamers and news. So round to get Texas Rangers Baseball watching this episode. And now on to our first time. Three of three down from the Texas Rangers lost weekend against the angels. Corey singer was out of the Texas Rangers lineup Sunday, which raised some red flags. In a morning media session, manager Chris would work see word, for those who remember, landed awkwardly Friday night on first base. I'm trying to avoid a collision at the bag. He did play Saturday. Last thing he's Rangers need. It's for their three hundred and twenty five million man to miss time and avoiding days. What was behind seeger sitting in the series finale against the Rangers? He and Woodward decided that day off followed by the Rangers off day. One day would clear up. What Woodward said is General sourdis quote saying Corey's been really honest. We both talked after yesterday's game. It was a little sword during the game when we like, let's do the right thing here and get him off his feat. You have to be able to do that to keep him healthy. Seeger, who is head injury problems in the past and it's big...

...for shortstop, will be getting days off throughout the season. Marcus Simeon moved from second base to short stop, the position where he developed into a Golden Globe finalist in Oakland, after some trying times. They're early in his career. He also played a hundred sixty two games in the past hundred sixty two game seasons, but Woodward said that it is unlikely to happen this season. Simeon has played all nine games so far the season and wanted to play over the weekend is his bat starts to come around. He isn't collecting hits. Many of his outs have come on hard hit balls. Seeger not being hurt and Simeon improving at the play are positives for a team short on them. Ten days then into the two thousand and twenty two season. So here are three up, three down from eight and three loss to the angels and the third straight loss to close out the four game seeds. Three UP MAKES SOLEC SOLAC isn't necessarily on the brink of getting more planning time, but at the very least he's making the most of his opportunities on a part time role. He collected two hits Sunday, pushing his average to three hundred and sixteen. He has two hits and three with six games so I has also played well in the field and up with tum of Brad Miller, who's dealing with a stiff back. Next, though, Brett Martin while lefthander John King had another nice outing, one and a hundred third scoreless innings the lefthanded Martin it is best outing of the season. He inherited a mess from some Nick Snyder and minimize the damage by retiring three straight to a three runners he faced, but not because he was getting hit all over the ballpark the contact was so soft. On consecutive grounders. The second the Rangers couldn't turn a double play. Rangers children well before first pitch. Right field was a sea of Easter eggs for players children hunt down. The initial taking was it would take twenty minutes for all the eggs to get the scooped up. Try Three and it's not like the Rangers team is built with older guys with families press work by those... freedown bullpen. The Rangers wanted two extra relievers this month with expanded rosters because they weren't going to let the starter to go along in Games. After a short spring buildup in effectiveness has made those outings even the shorter. There's a short build up for real leavers to and it is shown they haven't been sharp, struggling with command. While they have probably caught up on their lack of spring intings and appearance is your confidence might need to be built back up. The Rangers have dipped in the AA a round rock multiple times for various ailments. Someone will have to go Tuesday when John Gray's reinstated from the injury list. Another stretch of short starts could lead to revolving door between AAA and the big league club defense. A struggling pitching staff needs every out you can get, so airs only the more pitches and more mistakes. The Rangers committed three Air Sunday. Only one run was unearned, technically speaking, but the airs have a cumulative effect. One thing the fielders can't defend its walks. The Rangers pitchers issued seven of them, Martin Perez and the leadoff walk in the angels three run third was the difference in the game. In the lineup. Wood word wasn't happy with someone that. At batsy saw to the Rangers close to within four hundred twenty three, and in the third hitters weren't patient enough, trying to do too much or both. Woodward pointed to the angels, who are several for fourteen with runners and scoring position. They managed to find holes by hitting the ball the other way by not trying to do too much. After hitting nine homers the first three games of the series, the angels didn't hit one Sunday. Let us know your thoughts of the common section below. Who are your three up and three down? And, as always, hit that leg button and subscribe to the podcast in our channel for more content. And now my thought shots on an eight and three rangers loss.

For the first week of the season, the Rangers were losing more than they won, but it was I don't know that would call it an acceptable losing stretch, but the offense was productive, the Games were close and you could feel okay about things. Wasn't that this seemed like a playoff team, but it seemed like a decent team, much better than what we have seen the past two years. That's not been in case the past two games. The Rangers have instead had a couple of ugly losses, with starters giving up too many runs while not going deep into games and a patchwork collection of relievers letting things get out of hand while the offense doesn't put many runs on the board. Like we said, Martin Burns on out four runs, three earned, in four innings of work. One run came on a first ding pass ball. The final three came with two outs and third double walk in field, single and e. five combos, single sequence, turning a one game and for and one deficit. Then six relievers combined for the final five innings. Spencer Patton hit my trout in a hand knock them out of the game, but the x rays came back. Nagative Brock Burke, after to impressive outings, proved to be mortal, allowing two runs on two hits and a walk and point two innings pitched. Nick Snyder retired none of the three batters he faced, allowing to walks in a single before being pulled for Brett. Mark Martin got three ground ball outs but to Snyder's run scored, seemingly putting an into any hopes or rangers come back. It's one the thing to say, yeah, the pitching is a problem, but it's going to get better. It's another thing to be experiencing it, wondering whether the starter will be able to all now a fewer runs that innings pitched, wondering which of the Calistade of relievers will be a be the ones to give it the runs that turn a close game and it went not close. One bullpen that is performing terribly can just suck the life out of you. Willie Calhoun continue say they hit...

...the ball hard. The hundred ten mile per hour double and a hundred six mile per hour ground out and Alla scarcia had a home run and it went n two miles per hour. Marcus Simeon smoked a hundred eight mile per hour exit velocity line drive that went for a flaut and Ivan is had a hundred two point six mile per hour fly out. Whole Calhoun, who I struggled so far the season, I don't one hundred one mile per hour fly out and a ninety nine point five mile per hour single. I'm not going through the pictures because that would just annoy me. It's an off day today. John Gray returns Tuesday and hopefully things will get better, even if it doesn't necessarily feel that way right now. I want to know what you thought about their releasing eight and three loss. Let us know in the comments section below. And now for our minor league update. All those double headers yesterday means just one game today, with round rock picking on sugar land go hey. Ari Harna started in allowed three runs of five innings striking out for apologies for saying these names wrong of our but way no, stretched out six and two innings of work. Theodi TA varies continued his hot streak to the season, going three, four, five, but a Thompson had a single and a double. Davis Weinzel had a double and a walk, Josh Schmidt had a single, Matt Carpenter had a double in at nine. Any three run home run at Barroka thirty three time provided the winning margin for the Express. And now on to our next topic. Rangers are losing and playing poorly to open the season, but players aren't painticking just yet. Baseball teams are going to...

...lose a lot every season. Ye Line of breaks. The were in world champions of seventy three times last season. So seven losses and nine games isn't the the world for the Rangers, though many the other fiends strongly discreet. The season opening magnifying glass makes that stretch feel like another hundred two last season is coming. It's not. Rangers players just aren't hitting the painting button. Marcus Simeon isn't going to hit one hundred and twenty eight as he is now. The Rangers aren't going to have the six nineteen team or right they have now that thank yellow will hit a home run or twenty this season, not the zero he's stuck on after nine games. That's nine games, a hundred sixty two or six percent of the season. Nine Games aren't remotely a keen to nine NFL games or nine games in district five, five, eight. The bruttin thing here is to put everything into context. Now the rangers very really likely aren't going to unseat the braves and probably won't be in the postseason. Are the rangers as bad as they were over the weekend? No? Well, they be aggravating to watch, of course. The best advice here is to take a deep, deep breath recactulate any high expectation you might have set. Despite team officials saying months ago two thousand and twenty two won't mark the end of the rebuild. Enjoy the highest that Simeon says are coming, even if they can't match the loves. Baseball is a long season. All teams lose more than one third of their games. The Rangers likely going to lose more than half of their games, but they will be better than they have to start the season and won't be as bad as a season to go before the Rangers PR staff would allow. Would word to begin his Sunday morning media session. Very important announcement was made. The reason rangers aren't wearing or Sunday home power blue uniform. It's because as a supply chain issue. First..., credit to the PR crew and they knew fans would be asking. Also, the Rangers Red Jersey of are missing. Damn You, China. Well, yes, but the uniforms are made by fanatics and Easton Pennsylvania Annex takes measure measurements for players and coaches for all thirty teams during spring training and the shortness spring did not allow enough time to get the alternate uniforms turned around. The Rangers hope to have their alternate jerseys for the next homestand but they might not debut until May. Let us know the comment section below. Are you overly concerned about their and losing weights right now, or, more are you pumping the brakes and giving the rangers a chance to improve over the season? Let us know. And now onto our topic. Three ways to fix the dreadful rangers pitching staff this season doesn't take a rocket scientists figure out this laring problem. The Texas Rangers have an awful pitching staff in this young season so far. Yeah, it's been ugly for the Rangers on the mound this year. Their best starter, John Gray, has been the last week on the injured list with a blister, and those have had to pick up the slack in his place and not performed well, to say the least. That doesn't just describe those members of the starting rotation. Also applies to the bull that which has been a depth at blowing large cushions provided by a decent line up. The stat sheet is on flattering to say the least. Sure, we're only nine games in. The Rangers stand at two and seven in those games, compared to three and six at the same moment a year ago. But even with John Gray returning this week, there's no guarantee about the rest of the staff. It's clear that if the Rangers seek for their improvement in two thousand and twenty two, they'll need help doing so. These are three solutions to help fix this beliegered staff. Glib give Glenn Otto Indoor AJ Alexei...

...another shot. Can't hurt right. Glenn Otto and Aj both saw big league time in two thousand and twenty one. In each with varying degrees of success, and no neither picture broke camp with the Texas Rangers this season. That doesn't minimize her ability to impact a pitching staff, positively speaking. To this point, Atto currently has a zero ar A. Two starts at AAA round. Rock all see has a five hundred and fourteen EARA, so maybe it's best for him to remain in Aripa a for now, but he did have a four point seven Yar a at the big league level in two thousand and twenty one. They both have demonstrated they can pitch the game's highest level. Neither can be worse than what the Texas Rangers are getting out of the current pictures. Move Rock Burke to the starting rotation. Tailor her took this route for the Rangers. Why can't burke do the same for this team? In Two thousand and twenty two, Burke is coming out from major injury, so it makes sense that the Rangers would want to ease the lefty back in the action, but sometimes circumstances call for other plans. It's a early burke is already flashing some of the promise he did in two thousand and nineteen before going on the shelf. Ten shrekouts at four innings pitched takes. Texas needs to be throwing burke out there more rather than less at a moment. Given the state of the starting rotation, that's would be the case. However, Burke's insertion in the rotation would also be dealing a blow to a bad bullpen. Luckily for the Rangers, they have her Nandez and Jose Le Clerk returning to that unit this summer, so they can hold it together until then. The starting rotation doesn't have those same saving graces, but the prospects like Colwyn feeling like light season columns at best. Therefore, moving brought burke to the rotation for now feels like a good maneuver to make. Finally, trade for starting...

...pitcher. Signing John Gray the offseason was great and all I think of him. That's replacing first half Kyle Gibson in two thousand and twenty one, who went on to be a two thousand and twenty one all star before being treated Philadelphia. Gibbe posted a subthree ear. A great can be expected to post a high three low for ear in this season. So where's the additional improvement hasn't come from within yet they doneing has really struggled early on. Taylor hern has sharp at times, but not consistently. Spencer Howard is injured and that was also look bad so far. And no one is exactly a fraid of Martin Perez. No, I suppose he's an upgrade for Jordan lyles. This all leads to an obvious conclusion. The Rangers need to find another upgrade for their rotation. Maybe that's from the a's, maybe that's one of the Marlin's young arms or someone else outside the organization. For being honest, this is the work the rangers should have done during the offseason. But in case, the team's pitching performance early in the season hasn't set off any alarm bells. Yet it should. The pitching prospects on the way, like Cole Win and Jack Liner, will be great if develop properly. But putting so much pressure on them as to be saviors upon their arrivals in Arlington? Yeah, I don't like that so much. And before we go, hit that like button, subscribe to the channel, subscribe to the podcast all major podcast platforms and let us know any comments you have about the topics we cover, and you could be featured in an upcoming episode. As always, thank you so much for watching and listening. You will see you next time. This has been...

...the talking Texas Rangers podcast. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered by tweeting us at talking tx Rangers or liking us on facebook at facebookcom forward slash talking Texas Rangers. As always, thank you for listening and go rangers.

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